03/05/2012 UPDATE

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03/05/2012 UPDATE

Post by BITZJUNKIE » Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:53 pm

Hi All!

Bi-weekly update for 03/05/2012.

Of particular note:
1) I will be on a vacation from April 7th to the 11th. I will resume all builds on April 13.

2) There will be only individual pic updates from here on out, not anything en masse. This will mean a little longer for the pic studio to upload your update pics, but will assure that your pics arrive no matter what. Pics will also be sent twice for all orders; once when all items are ready for paint (either raw or primed), and then the final pic set upon completion, just prior to shipping.

Unless there is a technical concern, I won't be able to bend at all on this as it will take valuable time away from everyone's projects if I snag photos in-between things. Please be understanding of the needs of others :).

3) Please let me know if I owe you a reference and I'll immediately make good on it.

We all forget; we all have things come up; we all have that nagging feeling that we've forgotten something at one time or another.... I have that as I type this now... Shoot me a PM right away and I'll set it straight.

Project Overview
This section will provide a basic update to current builds in the studio.

To stay on course, I am able to accept commissions only after May 2012 to allow time for the current project list, in no particular order:

CMSheats Wargaming set and Table Toppers:
Although we recently changed the terrain set from 40K to fantasy, the painting is started on the new set and I am aiming to have it in the mail after payday this week. The table toppers will be out by the following weekend as planned. Final pics will come through after the new external drive arrives and is incorporated for updates. Check you folder starting Monday, March 12.

Caanaan's Nuketown Set:
I am adding one length of freeway overpass for the trouble with the pic updates.

Your set is in the paint studio and the pics of the completely painted pieces will be crossed over to your file upon completion (between March 11th and the 18th.) Ideally, I hope to be able to ship on the 23rd or 24th of March.

I have the build pics coming over for the preliminary builds (no paint) after the new external drive arrives and is incorporated for updates. Check you folder starting Monday, March 12.

Natsirtim's Bloodbowl Pitch:
No LED failures in the circuit and things are in the painting studio as well. I will be painting up the small pieces that you forwarded last as they will need more detail. I did encounter a problem with the bleachers and the travel case, but think I have it figured out. Left the case for now to get it into painting.

I'll have an additional set of pics over to you as soon as I update CMSheats and Caanaan first.

Porkuslime's Necromunda Statue:
I received the donor from the thrid party sale just last week and will begin on it this week. Ideally, it will be out to you by the 16th of March or sooner. This will be a really quick turnaround once the base is built, so expect sooner.

Golindar's Terrain Set:
Trade received, ref left and project is started. First set of pics (for mid-build) will be around April 6th to the 8th, just before vacation.

Van Saar's Varied Lot:
Set is ready to ship. More roads and billboard will be sent by Monday of next week as payday is this Friday. I don't have pics for you as you already know what to expect from previous shipments.

Flyingwhale's Terrain Set:
Set is ready to ship, but I have to wait until this Friday to get it out. It ran more than expected and I had to replace a couple pieces of technoloy for Konflikt this week.

Gordon's Red Dead Revolver Terrain Set:
I have moved this further to the back of the project list to secure materials for it between now and the beginning of April. I will aim for a start time just before I leave for vacation and resume upon my return. Regardless, expect a set of preliminary pics by end of April or before.

Daloonieshaman's BloodBowl Bleachers for the Con:
I haven't heard anything from you on the plans I provided. No rush though as I know we're about 9 months out.

Workshop Update
This section will highlight new tools and items that I can use for your conversion and terrain needs.

Did you hear about the new external drive? Ah well, it's a hard drive and hopefully the pic updating will be flawless now.

For Sale
Items that are currently for sale: spare bitz, models, conversions, terrain, etc. Get 'em while they last, before they go to feebay!

2 Basic Eldar Objectives

(pics will come over soon - this was one of the victims of the pic failures :( )

Features LED lighting so you know thay are contested or held at a glance! Comes with a battery and is easily unscrewed from the bottom to replace (battery #2032). Primed black.

Bartertownie only deal is $15.00 for both shipped with DC in the U.S.

Tau Landing Pad


Features 10 LEDS - 6 on the main pad and 4 on the ramp. Battery compartment is easy to get at on the underside of the base. Batteries not included, but will use a couple "AA". Choice of primer - white, grey or black.

Bartertownie only deal is $60.00 shipped with DC in the U.S.

Chaos Altar / summoning platform

(pics will come over soon - this was one of the victims of the pic failures :( )

Painted and appx. 9" in diameter. Suitable for 40K, WH fantasy, or other games as needed. Space in the middle of the main plinth is intentionally left open so you can add any symbol of chaos that you'd like.

Bartertownie only deal is $25.00 shipped with DC in the U.S.
Need Terrain? Visit me at:

BT Refs: http://bartertown.com/trading/ref_view. ... r_id=12578

Lower BT ratings ships first; paypal preferred. Reply to PMs, even with a "no thanks." I may lag, but I will reply!

Please try to leave a ref for each transaction. I always will. It tells myself and others what kind of trade partner I am!

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