2009 Fantasy Battle Scene Conversion Contest Rules

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2009 Fantasy Battle Scene Conversion Contest Rules

Post by Lord_Nagash » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:12 am

2009 Fantasy Battle Scene Conversion Contest

The Rules

1. You must convert your own model, and it must be unpainted. This is to include primer. Sorry folks, we want to see the conversion work.

2. Any fantasy game system's pieces can be used; alternately, you can scratchbuild your entry.

3. Creativity is encouraged.

4. Battle scene diorama base not to exceed 8 in. x 8 in.

5. Scene must contain at least two models, but no more than six.

6. Models must be at least 40% converted from the original.

7. Models must be in 25/28/30mm scale. The largest base size we'll allow is a 60mm diameter (Warmachine Large base size).

8. You must have at least one picture of the model. Before and after shots are strongly encouraged.

9. Keep them decent, mostly. An R-rating is as hard as we'll go on this one.

10. We the admins and moderators reserve the right to remove any contest entry we feel violates any or all of these rules.

11. There can only be 10 entries as of yet. So get your entries in quick because the 11th will be deleted.

Entries will be voted on. We will open a special forum for people to post their entries, and there will be a poll at the top for everyone to choose their favorite. One vote per person, and yes you can vote for yourself.

Any questions, please ask a staff member and we will get back to you as soon as we can. All entries must be posted by May 1st. Voting will last until May 15th.

Good luck to everyone!!!
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