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About KonflikT!

Post by BITZJUNKIE » Wed May 06, 2009 9:02 pm

Welcome to KonflikT Terrain!


We can be seen here as well: http://konfliktterrain.webs.com/

We're the master architects that produce unique, custom and general terrain needs for all gaming systems at all scales, large and small. We always underpromise and overdeliver on each project.

Every build is uniquely designed and hand-crafted, using the highest quality materials to create terrain that will withstand constant use from home through tounament games.

KonflikT Terrain is the best option for your terrain needs.

With KonflikT you can count on:

A 20% discount on ALL terrain orders from Bartertown Members!
Every piece of terrain I offer is 20% off any posted auction listings and direct quotes (for commission work) for BTownies with 15 or more references. Just PM me from your bartertown account and 20% will be dropped from the total of your order.

Easy payment options:
You can always make a payment by paypal or money order. If cash is a little tight, ask about paying half in trade with models or bitz, or even a trade in full!

Easy shipping:
You choose the service level and pay actual shipping with no additional charges for packaging materials or fuel surcharges. ALL shipments in the U.S. will be shipped with delivery confirmation. Insurance is optional and additional.

Always easy to reach:
Send me a PM, we’ll discuss your needs, options and budget. I’ll begin building soon after we reach an agreement and update you with WIP reports and pictures as best as I can. It’s that simple.

Quality materials:
Every piece of terrain is built with longevity, flexibility and usability in mind. I use quality plastics, plaster, wood, MDF, resins, or pink foam along with GW or Forgeworld bitz!

About me
KonflikT is a one-man and two bitzmunkey-lackey operation with a studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have been modeling off and on for 20+ years and gaming for about 30+ years. For about the last 5 years, I've been avidly designing and building terrain for the 40K game. Currently, I produce terrain for 40K, WH Fantasy, Warmachine, FoW, Helldorado, Infinity, and many other miniature systems. I'm always looking for a new challenge though!

I work on all projects over the weekends (or occasionally on a weeknight after my night job :lol: ) and will tend to take the "big" holidays off for a little R&R
Need Terrain? Visit me at:

BT Refs: http://bartertown.com/trading/ref_view. ... r_id=12578

Lower BT ratings ships first; paypal preferred. Reply to PMs, even with a "no thanks." I may lag, but I will reply!

Please try to leave a ref for each transaction. I always will. It tells myself and others what kind of trade partner I am!

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