7/18/2012 UPDATE

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7/18/2012 UPDATE

Post by BITZJUNKIE » Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:46 pm

Hello All!

Apologies that this update is severely belated. Between holidays and vacations, work is heavy and thankfully the project list here grows too ;).

Of particular note:

1) All pic updates are made at least twice for all orders; once when all items are ready for paint (either raw or primed), and then the final pic set upon completion, just prior to shipping.

2) Please let me know if I owe you a reference and I'll immediately make good on it.

3) I was almost finished making a jump from one picture uploading service to another and had to drop the crossover to continue with projects. When resumed and completed, I will update here and each client accordingly.

Project Overviews
This section will provide a basic update to current builds in the studio.

To stay on course, I am able to accept commissions only after September 1, 2012 to allow time for the current project list, in no particular order:

Natsirtim's Bloodbowl Pitch:
I have one last part to figure out and had to take the back of the pitch apart.

You really needed a way to make this mobile and I think I have just the thing to make it perfect. Final painting will be the weekend of the 28th and final pics then.

Golindar's Terrain Set:
Boards are painted and the remainder is complete, minus a couple of items buing built up. Painting this weekend and looking ot be off soon in the post.

Gortock's Dwarven hold:
Still working on this and I should be on track for an end of July deadline ;).

Hisshers Steam punk set:
Halfway through and gainmiong momentum for the remainder.

CMSheats Terrain set:
As we have switched gears ont his set from the original Ogres to LoTR, the LoTR to 40K, I placed this at the end of the list for now in consideration of the new list that we'll need to make.

Flyingwhale's Orboros Terrain set:
I just need the walls and additional 40k item that we chatted about and it's ready to ship. Pics up on the folder already.

Ripcord's Combo Terrain set:
I am working on the 40K parts now and then it's ready to ship. Pics up of the first half of the set (game of thrones style) have started an upload in the folder already.

IMP522 Tomb:
The base is complete and I am looking for the right statue to be place atop the upper works. Should be out this weekend.


1:144 terrain set for Heavy Gear terrain set

Malifaux table terrain sets x2

Clash for a Cure terrain set for sponsor table

Flyingwhale painting commission

Ripcord painting commission


FNG's DE Conversion:
Converted DE will be ready to ship upon payment this week.

BA Saint's Movement trays:
Shipped last week.

Refamonkey's Cityfight set:
Shipped last week.

Stanislav's WM pikemen weapon swap:
Shipped to Gardenninja last week.

JMSincla's Catachan Set:
Ships this week.

Swabby's Fallout Set:
Ships this week.


Daloonieshaman's BloodBowl Bleachers:
Just awaiting news on the revisions for the project. No rush though as I know we're about 5 months out.

Workshop Update
Highlighting new tools and items that I can use for your conversion and terrain needs.

More storage containers have been added and I can offer even more options to the basing and weathing goods!

For Sale
Items that are currently for sale: spare bitz, models, conversions, terrain, etc. Get 'em while they last, before they go to feebay!

Konflikt Terrain movement trays!





Very affordable, so feel free to ask for a quote.

We can produce any quantity for use with almost any base size! They also make GREAT display trays for kill teams, units or special characters. Conspicuously lightweight and easy to slide in along the edges of storage bags or under foam trays.

They can be supplied unfinished or finished.

Need Terrain? Visit me at:

BT Refs: http://bartertown.com/trading/ref_view. ... r_id=12578

Lower BT ratings ships first; paypal preferred. Reply to PMs, even with a "no thanks." I may lag, but I will reply!

Please try to leave a ref for each transaction. I always will. It tells myself and others what kind of trade partner I am!

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Re: 7/18/2012 UPDATE

Post by natsirtm » Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:35 pm

SUPER pumped!!
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