4/23/2012 UPDATE

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4/23/2012 UPDATE

Post by BITZJUNKIE » Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:17 pm

Hello All!

Been VERY busy and missed the last update (4/2), but able to make a small update for today, 4/23/2012. Ideally, the next update will be on May 6th!

Everyone who placed in the 8th BT Painting contest have contacted me. Thanks to everyone who entered and helped make it a success!

Of particular note:

1) All pic updates will be sent twice for all orders; once when all items are ready for paint (either raw or primed), and then the final pic set upon completion, just prior to shipping.

Unless there is a technical concern, I won't be able to bend at all on this as it will take valuable time away from everyone's projects if I snag photos in-between things. Thank you in advance for understanding :).

2) Please let me know if I owe you a reference and I'll immediately make good on it.

Project Overview
This section will provide a basic update to current builds in the studio.

To stay on course, I am able to accept commissions only after June 12, 2012 to allow time for the current project list, in no particular order:

Caanaan's Nuketown Set:
Shipment of terrain leaves right after CMSheats this week! Final pics including the extra billboard and freeway section will be up this week too.

Natsirtim's Bloodbowl Pitch:
I started some "ornamental carving" (suprise!) and you should see something very soon pic-wise!

Golindar's Terrain Set:
Your next set of build pics will be over soon - stay tuned to your folder!

FNG's DE Conversion:
Just awaiting the last few conversion bitz; these were on back order.

Gordon's Red Dead Revolver Terrain Set:
Started and you can expect a set of preliminary pics by the first week of May or before. We will make the deadline of arrival by June 1 for painting ;).

Gortock's Dwarven hold:
Base is cut and the build will begin after Gordon's western set is completed.

Supermouse Movement Trays:
Will be in the mail on Monday, April 30th.

Dmebust's Movement Trays:
Will be started on May 13 and should be a couple weeks in production.


James4177 WM Magnetizing Project:
Awaiting approval for project estimate.

Stanislav's WM 2012 Clash Support:
Awaiting decision on terrain type.

CMSheats Ogre Terrain Project:
Awaiting bitz on back order.


Daloonieshaman's BloodBowl Bleachers:
I haven't heard anything from you on the plans I provided. No rush though as I know we're about 8 months out.

Hisshers Steam punk set:
Still awaiting the trade arrival; cutting of the bases has been started.

Workshop Update
This section will highlight new tools and items that I can use for your conversion and terrain needs.

Nothing new for this update!

For Sale
Items that are currently for sale: spare bitz, models, conversions, terrain, etc. Get 'em while they last, before they go to feebay!

Need Terrain? Visit me at:

BT Refs: http://bartertown.com/trading/ref_view. ... r_id=12578

Lower BT ratings ships first; paypal preferred. Reply to PMs, even with a "no thanks." I may lag, but I will reply!

Please try to leave a ref for each transaction. I always will. It tells myself and others what kind of trade partner I am!

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