New Year - New Overview!

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New Year - New Overview!

Post by BITZJUNKIE » Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:23 pm

Hi All!

I'm now going to be able to get back to regular updates with a format that should make things easier for all! Although still in the thick of many builds, a proper bi-weekly update will start in the next little while and continue at least every other week - that I promise.

Project Overview
This section will provide a basic update to current builds in the studio.

To stay on course, I am able to accept commissions only after March 2012 to allow time for the completion of the current project list (in no particular order ;) ):

CMSheats Wargaming set and Table Toppers:
Paint is started on some of the buildings with some pics after this weekend!

Caanaan's Nuketown Set:
Nearly completed the additional items and pics to follow around the same time for CMSheats set

Natsirtim's Bloodbowl pitch:
OMG!!! LEDs are finally wired and I'll have pics of the bare essentials after the weekend.

Van Saar's Varied Lot:
Final set of pics this weekend and should ship next week!

Workshop Update
This section will highlight new tools and items that I can use for your conversion and terrain needs.

Recently I've added a table saw and another cirular saw for service; that should allow me to free up the battery-powered tools for other, smaller assignments!

I've also kitted out workstations for pinning, cleaning / assembly and magnetizing. Just ask for a quote!

Traded for a much needed Dremel for pinning and cleaning stations.

Traded for a very much needed 1TB hard Drive - that means better pics and backup for me on this end ;) .

For Sale
Items that are currently for sale: spare bitz, models, conversions, terrain, etc. Get 'em while they last, before they go to feebay!

2 Basic Eldar Objectives

(pics tonight after work)

Features LED lighting so you know thay are contested or held at a glance! Comes with a battery and is easily unscrewed from the bottom to replace (battery #2032). Primed black.

Bartertownie only deal is $18.25 shipped with DC in the U.S.

Tau Landing Pad


Features 10 LEDS - 6 on the main pad and 4 on the ramp. Battery compartment is easy to get at on the underside of the base. Batteries not included, but will use a couple "AA". Choice of primer - white, grey or black.

Bartertownie only deal is $65.00 shipped with DC in the U.S.. Add $10 for a basic paint job; custom painting to match your force is available for slightly more.
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Re: New Year - New Overview!

Post by locust » Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:37 am

Woot. Glad to see you back. May have a project for you in upcoming months. Western Style.
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Re: New Year - New Overview!

Post by natsirtm » Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:21 pm

woot!! just noticed this post.. you and your LEDs :twisted: :twisted:

looking forward to some pics when you get a chance! - A blog to do with all things GW pertinent I'm toying with. - A blog about turning junk into terrain.

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