3/14/11 Update

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3/14/11 Update

Post by BITZJUNKIE » Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:55 am

Hi all!

Quick update:

Terrain in Progress:
1. Trashcan's Cryx Swamp Set: Ready to ship this Saturday with Locust's set below. I found your address in a previous thread, so we're good to roll.

2. Locust's Warlands Terrain Set: I will have have the set in the mail this Saturday along with Trashcan's set. I have a teaser set of pics updated now and will have a final groupshot just before shipping.

3. Shadowopal's Malifaux Set: Pics will roll through this weekend.

4. Tyrius' Overgrown Sector: Continuing progress; next pic update will be as soon as I have everything ready for paint (it will be a group shot ;) )

5. Red Knight's Ork Terrain Set: Shipped, but no news yet :).

1. ProseDragon's trade: Still awaiting reshipped box of wyches... which brings us to #2...

2. TripleA DE Wyche purchase: Still awaiting arrival of the Wyches.

3. will279802's trade: Holding the pattern on this one - no worries!
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Re: 3/14/11 Update

Post by locust » Mon Mar 14, 2011 9:11 am

I cannot wait for these to get here. The pics you posted look absolutely freekin AWESOME! Curse you and your teasing ways! Saturday absolutely cannot come soon enough.
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