closet clear-out [H] 40k, mantic, LoTR, rare figs and more [W] $$$, orruks, AoS Death [USA]

Combat in the 41st Millennium, and all GW futuristic specialist games.

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closet clear-out [H] 40k, mantic, LoTR, rare figs and more [W] $$$, orruks, AoS Death [USA]

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30 trident realms naiad infantry, extra sprues, a centurion, and some of the fishmen from CmoN's wrath of kings game.

Looking for $40 +$5 shipping to the US or best offer. I'll even clean the bits off the sprues into a bag to reduce weight.

10 BNIB mantic undead skeleton archers, hybrid metal plastic - $12

10 painted mantic undead skeleton archers $6

piececool dragon flame kit $5 OBO

Mantic painted skeleton warriors bundle $10

Mantic metal empires of dust upgrades bundle: $10

Oops elf lord (plastic set) and oops metal dark elf executioner standard. $10

Gnoblar bundle $5

Painted bolt action bundle $10

Wargames Atlantic Sci fi conversions bundle $10. Conversion breakdowns available if you want to expand any of them.

Warlord games spartan strategos and bodyguards $3

Sci Fi boardgame mini - $2

Mantic GCPS marshall $3

deadzone pipes terrain bundle: $10

Mantic Flame Elementals (3) $10

Armada Gur panther ship: $8

Armada orc blood runner $8

2mm scale elf army, painted: $15 These are metal. I can't remember which line I bought them from, but they are nice minis and painted up quickly.
Litko flight bases (5) $1

Gothic space ships bundle: $15 OBO

Mantic OOP mars Attacks bundle $10 OBO

Unit trays bundle 1 $8

Dungeon saga bundle : $75 obo original dungeon saga set with figures from the expansions. Found most of the remaining figures, including kickstarter exclusive Bane.

Original dreadball mint in packaging : 30 obo

3 sets of 2, 4 ground MDF Egyptian chariots $6 each pack

Box of 1 thousand individual 1:72 scale french. Various manufacturers and units. $100 OBO + shipping

1 bag of republican roman 1:72. it's at least two boxes worth. Has velites, hastati, and other infantry. $15 + shipping

3 green and blue silver empire knights. converted with bodies from the dark elf cold one knights plastics. : $3

Large grenadier metals bundle: $30 OBO

metal furred arquebusier in ashigaru equipment: $1, I believe this is from the brushfire skirmish game.

Atlantic Digitial partial committee of public saftey set: $5, missing robispeirre post firearm-injury.

metal lizardman creature, I believe this is a reaper sculpt: $2 + shipping

painted lizardmen from forest dragon lot: $10 obo + shipping

legendary legions chaos pikemen: $25 OBO

Legendary legions Knights of deadly dispatch: $25 OBO. Yes, $19.95 is the pictured price but I believe they have appreciated in value. Hence OBO.

Legendary legions goblin infantry: $20

marshall kreoss menoth warmachine character: $2

Dark elf infantry bundle: $35

2 sprues Mordor orcs from GW's LoTR SBG. $10 or trades.

Dead zone terrain - $2.50

40k models:

10 assault intercessors $15 obo

Misc 40k conversion bundle $15 obo

Space marine indomitus bladeguard bundle: $100 OBO

Space marine tacticals bundle: $75 OBO

Cadian infantry bundle: 22 older infantry in various stages $12

Two mostly full sprues of GSC infantry $30 OBO

Previous daemon prince primed black $10

old metal Mephiston: $10 obo

2 fine cast crypteks - $10 each

1 fine cast anrakyr the traveller - $15 obo

Painted space marine army, most with cobblestone bases $150 OBO. gunmetal and pale blue scheme. Paint scheme explanation and paints list available if you want to use the paint scheme to expand the army.

Trade wants:

Anything orruk warclans. Ironjaws, kruleboyz, bonesplittaz, gloomspite girs and trogs too. If it's greenskinned I'm interested.

Also flesh eater courts and ossiarchs from death.

Image gallery. ... Sold..html
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Re: [H] Various 40k [w] $$$, AoS orruks, AoS Death [LOC] USA

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Lower Rating? You ship first unless we agree otherwise regardless whether it's a sale or trade of miniatures. Feedback is there for a reason. If your feedback is significantly lower, I expect you to ship first, even if I'm buying- Money carries greater risks than minis: I can't buy groceries with a box of Tac Marines! Pro-painted means nothing to me unless I'm buying an entire army. Offers are good for 48 Hours, otherwise void.

People who owe me trade refs:
Lord marcus ( 6 )
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Re: [H] Various 40k [w] $$$, AoS orruks, AoS Death [LOC] USA

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Recasts are not allowed here
removed. other items updated, more items added.
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