WH 40K Garage Dump! Painted Armies + Misc.

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WH 40K Garage Dump! Painted Armies + Misc.

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Have quite a hull of Warhammer 40k that is needing a lovely home! A good chunk of these are painted, I have not taken any photos yet but I will happily do so on for interested parties! Not interested in splitting the Necrons or Custodes, more open splitting sisters of battles and others. Listed below is roughly $2800 worth of 40k both painted, primed or NIB and some magnetized. Feel free to message me with any questions :-D

WILLING TO SELL THE ALL OF THIS FOR: $1800 (shipping included)

Necrons - Roughly $1200 Value - Looking for $850
1 x Illuminor Szeras (painted)
1 x Canoptek Reanimator (Primed)
1 x Necron Overlord (Primed- Indomitus Version)
1 x Custom Destroyer Lord (Primed)
1 x Royal Warden (Primed)
1 x Skorpekh Lord (Painted)
1 x Cryptek (Primed)
1 x C’tan Nightstalker (painted)
1 x C’tan Shard of the Void Dragon (semi painted/assembled)
40 x Necron Warriors (20 Painted/ 20 primed)
6 x Skorpekh Destroyer (Painted)
3 x Canoptek Wraiths (painted)
2 x Doom Scythe/Night Scythe (painted)
12 x Scarab Swarm (6 painted/ 6 primed)
9 x Ophydian Destroyer (NIB - 3 units of 3)
2 x Canoptek Doomstalker (NIB)
2 x Cryptothralls (Primed)
1 x Necron Dice (NIB)
+ bits (includes codex & data cards - probably an older edition since 10th, so I' am adding this for free)

Custodes (Painted in a Grim Dark style, lava like bases) - $720 Value - Looking for $500
3 x Vertus Praetors (Painted)
1 x General Trajann (Painted)
15 x Guard Squad (Painted)
6 x Allarus Terminators - (Painted)
1 x Forgeworld Contemptor-Achillus (Primed)
1 x Forgeworld Telemon (Primed/Magnetized-Fists/Storm Cannon)

Sisters of Battle - $350 value - Looking for $240
2 x Celestian Sacresants (NIB)
1 x Paragon Warsuits (NIB)
1 x Morven Vahl (NIB)
1 x Exorcist (NIB)
1 x Adeptus Soritas Dice (NIB/box set edition)
1 x Adepta Sororitas Dice (NIB/codex edition)

1 x Knight Rampager? (Painted/Magnetized) - $140
1 x Forgeworld Kytan Ravager (Painted/Magnetized) - $140


1 x Roboute Guilliman - Painted - $50
1 x Drukhari Dice (NIB) - $30
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Re: WH 40K Garage Dump! Painted Armies + Misc.

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Do you have pictures of the custodes?
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