H: Imperial Knights, Deathwatch, Soulblight, ASOIAF W: Infinity, MCP, Votann

Combat in the 41st Millennium, and all GW futuristic specialist games.

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H: Imperial Knights, Deathwatch, Soulblight, ASOIAF W: Infinity, MCP, Votann

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Getting rid of games I no longer play. Check out my want list below:

Lizardmen (Seraphon)
Battletome latest book
Warscroll cards (sealed)
Slann starmaster (assembled primed white)
2x carnosaurs/Troglodon (unassembled )
3 x terradons (assembled some paint)
3 x ripperdactyls (assembled some paint)
3 x terradons/ripperdactyls (unassembled)
1 x eternity warden (assembled bare missing a horn)
1 x saurus old blood (aessembled metal bare)
20 x saurus warriors (unassembled)
15 x saurus guard (assembled primed white)
16 x 16 x saurus knights (unassembled)

Soulblight gravelords:
Nagash (new on sprue)
1 x mannfred mortarch of knight (assembled)
1 x mortarch (unassembled can be made into Neferata or Arkhan)
1 x vampire (metal missing backpack)
30 x skeletons (previous edition skellies not new ones . 20 are assembled 10 are NOS)
11 x zombies (old plastic versions painted table top)
1 x necromancer (assembled plastic bare)
9x black knights (4 x assembled with white custom skellie horses 5 x NOS)
6 x vargheist (3 assembled bare, 3 painted tabletop)
10 x grave guard (assembled some paint)
1 x wight king (assembled bare)
Soulblight battle tome book (latest)

Codex (latest code has been redeemed)
Datacards (latest edition)
2 x Corvus blackstars (1 assembled painted tabletop 1 x missing a few pieces bare)
15 x deathwatch veterans (assembled different load outs most primed black)
1 x dark angels chaplain modified for DW (assembled some paint)
1 x DW with jump pack (assembled some paint)
1 x dark angels librarian (assembled bare)
1 x dark angels captain (assembled some paint)
2 x terminators (1 primed 1 bare)
1 x dreadnought with assault cannon and powerclaw (assembled some paint)
1 x watch captain Artemis (assembled primed )

Imperial Knights:
Codex (newest book)
1 x knights valiants (assembled primed brown some paint)
2 x Armigers Warblavies (assembled bare)
Knights GW dice

Cygnar (all minis are assembled with some paint)
Caine 3
Haley3 (missing hand)

2 x chargers
2 x Hunter
Dynamo (missing a few pieces)
Ol' Rowdy

Black 13th
12- Gunmages
5- Storm Lances
12- Stormblades [offier & standard, 3x gunners]
10- Stormguard (w/ Silverline upgrade kit)
6- Sword Knights

2 x Arcane Tempest Rifleman
Gunmage Captain Adept
Laddermore (dragoon)
2x Stormblade Captain
Acosta Montero

All minis are table top painted and include no boxes. Have old card versions.
Veterans of the watch unit
Ranger trackers unit
2 x sworn brothers units
2 x watch captain/recruiter (promo minis I think can be used as either, no cards)

I’m interested in any of the following items for :

Nomads: latest models
JSA: latest models
Spiral corp: latest models
Ariadna: latest models
Tohaa: any models

Infinity defiance board game and expansions

Resurrectionist: latest models with latest cards
Arcanist: latest models with latest cards
Explorers society: latest models with cards

Leagues of Votann: anything just starting

Looking for ash waste box , current books new vehicle models gangs as well current models please, Redemptionist,
Iron head squats, ash waste nomads, zone mortalis underworld, forgeworld bounty hunters

Middle earth GW minis:
Rivendell elves : any just starting
Moria goblins : any models
Easterlings: any models
Possibly other armies let me know what you have

Mutant chronicles siege of citadel board game : main game and expansions.

Star Wars legion:
shadow collective possibly others . Let me know what you have

Marvel Crisis Protocol:
Sentinels both sets
Heimdal and Skurge
Crimson Dynamo and Darkstar
Ursa Major and Red Guardian
Red Skull and Hydra troops
Baron Strucker and Arnim Zola
Captain America and Original Human Torch
Shadowlands Daredevil and Electra
Quinjet terrain
Sanctum Sanctorum
Hulk buster iron man and iron man
Spider-Man and black cat
Carnage and mysterio
Rival panel dr octopus and Spider-Man
Kraven and lizard
Dr strange and clea
Mordo and ancient one
Mr sinister
Cable and domino

Knight models
Marvel miniatures: superior spidey crew, Doctor octopus, venom, Loki
Dc miniatures: Zod (newest model), black Adam (latest model), Larfleeze, red lantern crew, Atrocities, blue beetle, booster gold, possibly others

Conquest: LAOK
100 kingdoms: looking for anything just starting army
Dwegham: hellbringer drake, magic retinue , Mnemancer apprentice, founders exclusive the mountain , flamecaster
Old Dominion: anything just getting starting

Horus Heresy: looking to get early start. Just starting. Looking for world eaters, Nightlords, Dark Angels, White Scars, Emperors Children,Mechanicum (I’m open to other armies as well)

Let me know if interested in any items. lower rating ships first. If purchasing, items are shipped after payment has been received. Make reasonable cash offers for models please. I ship priority so items will arrive as quickly as possible
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