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H: DA, SM, BT, Ork W:Paypal or Helbrecht

Combat in the 41st Millennium, and all GW futuristic specialist games.

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H: DA, SM, BT, Ork W:Paypal or Helbrecht

Post by SneakyMerc » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:28 am

Hey all,
I am interested in selling a few models. All models being sold are the ones in the pictures provided. If a model is labeled as magnetized, the arm/weapons are both magnetized (dreadnoughts- both weapons, terminators- both arms)
All serious offers will be considered, if interested in an item send me a message with your zip code for a shipping quote.

Dark Angel Tactical Squad (Sgt, magnetized plasma pistol and chainsword) $15
Dreadnought painted in Dark Angel Colors $20
Black Templar Terminators every weapon magnetized $30
Black Templar Dreadnought fully mangetized $20
Black Templar Dreadnought fully magnetized $20
I also have, but am not able post more pictures on this article of the following (more than willing to message them if someone is interested)
Dark Angel Company Master $5
Ork Killa Kan based in silver $12
Ork Killa Kan (paint is red with white and silver detailing) $12

If you don't like my prices I am always up for negotiations. Just send me a message.
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