H: GodTear W: Pathfinder 2E, Killteam, Primaris

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H: GodTear W: Pathfinder 2E, Killteam, Primaris

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I have the following GodTear sets. Everything is contained in the two starter sets.


- [x] Borderlands starter
- [x] Eternal Glade starter
- [x] Slayer Maxen
- [x] Slayer Keera
- [x] Slayer Lorsann
- [x] Slayer Rangosh
- [x] Slayer Sneaky Peet
- [x] Maelstrom Jeen
- [x] Maelstrom Luella
- [x] Maelstrom Blackjaw
- [x] Maelstrom Grimgut
- [x] Guardian Helena
- [x] Guardian Halftusk
- [x] Guardian Mournblade
- [x] Guardian Rhodri
- [x] Shaper Rattlebone
- [x] Shaper Raith’Marid
- [x] Shaper Shayle
- [x] Shaper Styx

Looking for Pathfinder 2E stuff. Kill Team terrain sets. Maybe Primaris models.
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