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Post by ChaosMike » Tue Aug 13, 2019 7:34 pm

Looking to trade for some Malifaux stuff, would prefer the ressers models listed below under "Wants", but would consider complete crews outside of the resser faction. Would prefer to trade for unpainted but I am willing to see what you have. Willing to break into smaller chunks. Looking to get retail for retail unless you have NiB/NoS stuff, will take that into consideration. Willing to take PayPal, send any offers.


40k Death Guard - Pics at https://imgur.com/a/UpMuW3h
3x Plagueburst Crawlers - 1x Primed DG Green, 1x Assembled/Unprimed, 1x Mostly Assembled unprimed, weapons included but not assembled or attached. All bits from all three kits included.
5x Blightlord Terminators - 4x Primed DG Green, 1x Plague Flail, 1x Combi-plasma with Bubotic axe, 2x Combi-Bolter/Bubotic Axes, 1x Weapon Arms not attached. All bits from kit included.
1x Daemon Prince w/Wings - Primed DG Green, some custom nurgle bits attached, 2x Malific Talons
1x Deathguard Half Dark Imperium Box - Mostly Primed DG Green.
- 1x Malignant Plaguecaster, Primed DG Green
- 1x Noxious Blightbringer
- 1x Lord of Contagion Primed DG Green
- 7 Painted Plague Marines (2x fully painted, 5x only armor completed).
- 1x Painted Bloat Drone
- 1x Primed, 20x Poxwalkers primed DG green/some painted.

PS4 W/Controller
- Last of Us
- Bloodborne
- Star Wars Batttlefront 2
- Madden 18


Mix of painted/primed, pics available if you have interest. All assembled, some painted. A couple have missing arms (noted below), but should be pretty cheap to replace at the infinity site.

Atalanta - Agema NCO, Multi-Sniper Rifle, Spotbot
Penthesilea - Monofilament CCW
Eudoros - Mk12 DA CCW
Marut Tag

Agema Marksman - Missle Laucher (missing pimp arm)

Myrmidon Hacker
Myrmidon - Chain Rifle
Myrmidon - Melee
Myrmidon - Spitfire
Myrmidon - Spitfire
Myrmidon - Combi-Rifle (missing non-gun arm)

Thorakitai - Combi Rifle
Thorakitai - Light Rocket Launcher
Thorakitai - Chain Rifle


McMURROUGH - Chain Rifle, Templar CCW
Miyamoto Mushashi - CHAIN RIFLE, AP CCW, EXP CCW
Saito Togan - Combat Rifle, EXP CCW


These are mixed condition, if you are interested will detail them more. Nothing is the lot is broken.

2x Line Kazaks
Veteran Kazaks
3rd Highlander Greys

One of the highlander greys is a "rare" one from what I understand. Never really got into infinity.


Malifaux Scheme Markers, Strategy Markers, Tokens, etc
Newer Fate Decks

Rogue Necromancy
Dead Rider
Yan Lo Crew Box
Bete Noir
Madame Sybelle
Carrion Emissary
Carrion Effigy
Grave Golem
Mindless Zombies

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