H:Warhammer Quest &HeroQuest exp W: Cash/C&C

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H:Warhammer Quest &HeroQuest exp W: Cash/C&C

Post by Maybell1582 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:57 am

I have a complete Copy of Games Workshops Warhammer Quest from the early 90s models are still on the sprue decks still sealed. I also have a couple of the treasure card expansion decks sealed ill update this list tomorrow for more exact information.

I also have the hero quest barbarian expansion complete all tokens cards and minis the only caveat is there is no quest book thankfully hasbro has a pdf copy on their website.

Pictures available on request.

What I am looking for.

Cash (make offers) I am reasonable.

Command and Colors series of games.
It's not to hard leave feedback for your trading partners.

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