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H: Spacewolves//W: Misc (Ninja All Star, Krosmaster)

Post by mcdykes2012 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:10 pm

So, I have decided to get out of 40k completely for the moment. I have acquired a large space wolf force through many different resources (Trades, facebook, ebay, etc.) and are looking to trade it. I have not had luck with Paypal, so I am hoping to trade the army for a few things.

Most of the army as paint on it (Full paint job to basic primer)

Ideally in trade Value the Value is:
Estimated Price with it quirks: $1,800

(willing to negotiate I want the army gone) have:
Data Cards

6 "Rhinos"
  • 1 predator (no side turrets)
  • 1 Whirlwind
  • 1 Razorback
1 Aegis Defense Line
2 Land Raiders
  • 1 Painted like Carcaradon, Door does open
  • 1 Front door is glue shut, missing a few censors, and mounted bolter is gone
3 Drop Pods

Logan Grimnar on Stormrider
Logan Grimnar (Old Metal)
Njarl Stormcaller in Termie armor
2 Rune Priest
1 raven halmet Rune Priest
1 Term Rune Priest
1 Arjac (Hammer needs to be glued back on)
1 Canis Wolfborn

5 Spacewolf Packs (1 leader, 1 Melta, 1 Plasma, 7 normal guys)

20 Terminators
  • 14 glued
  • 1 missing arms
  • 5 magnetized
  • 2 small packs of magnetized extra arms
6 Dreadnaughts
  • 1 forgewold Dread
  • 1 old metal
  • 2 SW Ven Dread Axe/shield (1 is magnetized)
  • 1 hq Bjorn Fell Handed
  • 1 needs to be assembled
  • extra limbs

2 Cyber Wolves
23 Fenrisian Wolves
18 Thunderwolf Calvery
  • 1 Hammer needs to be repaired
  • 1 riders arms do not match his position "Looks weird"
  • 1 iron priest kited hammer/hand needs to be reattached
  • 1 Chainsword needs to be repaired
  • (Several are not attached to their wolf yet)

Dev Squads or atleast what used to be dev squads:
3 heavy Bolters
7 Rockets (1 back pack not attached)
2 Meltas
1 Plasma
1 Flame Thrower
5 Lazcannons

Pictures http://s1249.photobucket.com/user/cotyd ... pacewolves

What I am Looking for in Trade:
Warhammer 40K:
Sisters of Battle

Age of Sigmar:
Idoneth Deepkin
Nighthaunt (Death Alliance)

Merc: Pirates
Minions: Gators and Piggys

Ninja All Stars
Rum and Bones

Magic The Gathering sealed boxes (Almost any set)
Sealed product (Boxes, Masters, etc)
decent valued collection (High end EDH and Modern staples and rares)
Completed Decks that have Value

Possibly bloodbowl teams (Newer and special teams)

5th ED DND Books

I am not looking for an army swap at this time nor am I looking to sell at this time. Also because of the size of the army I would like to keep it within the US for now. (Possibly Canada)

Open to Offers PM me!
Trade Rules:

1. Lower Rating Ships First
2. Please communicate. If you don't like my offer just say "no thanks" and I will do the same.
3. If there is no communications after 72 hours then consider our trade/sell, null and void unless told prior to (in case of "being out of town")
4. Any delays or changes in when something will ship will be communicated in a timely manner, I EXPECT the same!

I do not have a paypal, therefore I cannot receive payments digitally.

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