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H-Dys Leg, Dust, Brd Games, WM Ogryn, W $, Brd Games

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H-Dys Leg, Dust, Brd Games, WM Ogryn, W $, Brd Games

Post by Lochlannon » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:41 pm

Dust Warfare
Heavy Anti-Tank Grenadiers
StrumGrenadier Observer Squad and Sniper
SSU Commisar Squad
SSU Rifle Squad
Many more (Approx 8 mechs, 40 troops – pic available on request)

Board Games
Dead of Winter (New)
Dead of Winter Long Night (New)
Venetia (New)
Risk Europe (New)
Shogun (good condition – old Milton Bradley Game)
Tales of Arabian Nights (Unplayed Z-Man Games)

Name – Mierce Miniatures Darklands
Penda the Bloody Handed
Quick Start Rules

Warmachine – Ogryun Attack Corp

Dystopia Legions – starter set (quick rules) – Kingdom of Britannia and Prussian Empire - Assembled

All the below are NIB – MSRP for Reference (obviously going for less)
Prussian Empire
Army Medic – Box (* 2) – MSRP 13.00
HMG Section ( * 3) – msrp 15.50
Sergeant & Officer – msrp 15.00
Specialist - msrp 14.00
Professor Gustardt – msrp 16.00
Grenadier Infantry Section – 26.00

Kingdom of Britannia
Musician – Box (*2) – msrp 12.00
Specialist (* 2) – msrp 14.00
HMG Section ( *3) – msrp 15.50
Sergeant & Officer – 15.00
Colonel MacDonald – msrp 26.00


Terraforming Mars
Massive Darkness – most add ons not stretch Goals during Kickstarter
7th Continent
Wild West Exodus

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