Backout: alienated_one

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Backout: alienated_one

Post by Spikes » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:26 am

Hi B-Town.

I hereby write to warn about alienated_one, who backed out of a trade. At least he had the decency to refund my PayPal payment.

Here's the full exchange.
Spikes wrote:Subject: H: Board Games W: Board Games
alienated_one wrote:[H][FT][FS]

Artful Dodger Promo ship for Firefly – New in plastic

Neuroshima Hex Steel Police Expansion – New in box

Ser Geek Promo for Dungeon Fighter – New In Plastic

Space Hulk: Death Angel card game. Includes Mission Pack 1, Space Marine Pack 1, Tyranid Enemy Pack and Deathwing Space Marine Pack expansions. – Near Mint condition. Played around 6-8 games with this.

Settlers of Catan Card game (circa 1998) – Game itself is in very good shape. Played around 10 games with it. The box is warping, and is slightly crushed, however.

Elder Sign – Game is in Near Mint Condition.

Incursion – 1st edition of game – Very good condition

Small World Realms – Opened box, looked at contents. Never been played with.

Kingdom Builder – Played once. Mint Condition

Lord of the Rings LCG Base Set – Includes The Hunt for Gollum, Conflict at the Carrock, A Journey to Rhosgobel, and The Hills of Emyn Muil. Played with 3 times. Cards are in near mint condition.

Pandemic and On the Brink Expansion – 1st edition. Both have been played with around 6-8 times. Near Mint condition.

Belfort – Near Mint condition. Played once.

Eclipse – Near Mint condition. Played 3-4 times.


Battlestar Galactica Base Game

Runewars (Revised edition only)



Resistance: Avalon

Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City Expansion

Escape: The Curse of the Temple

Cosmic Encounter (FFG edition only)

Nothing Personal

Mage Knight board game

Lower Rating Ships first. I'll respond to every PM, even if its a simple no.

I'm trying to get a better price than this ... 27d93474e6

for Eclipse. Do you think I could purchase it for less than 70$ including shipping to postal code h2t2a1 Canada?
alienated_one wrote:Yes, I could do 70$ US Dollars shipped to you in Canada.

If you are interested, my paypal is:

I can ship out on Monday to you.

alienated_one wrote:I just re-read this. You want it less than 70. My bad. I could do 65$ US Dollars shipped. That's the lowest I can go though.
Spikes wrote:So, I just want to confirm that all the pieces are there etc.

If ANYTHING is different than from a box in which we would have removed the pieces from the sprues and unpacked everything, please let me know.

If you confirm that everything's there and not chipped torn worn or damaged, then I can send 65 USD to

Once that's done you will see my ship-to address in the Paypal statement. As seen in my signature, if from the USA I want you to use USPS, not UPS or FedEx or any private shipping service to ship the parcel.

alienated_one wrote:The game is complete, and has been played with 4 times. All of the pieces are there, and none of them show any sort of damage at all. I currently have the pieces separated into bags. Once I receive the payment, I will ship out on Monday, via USPS to the address you have listed in the paypal account.

Spikes wrote:Perfect! Payment sent.
Spikes wrote:Hi. Have you shipped yet?

As a reminder, my address is
(edited out for privacy)
alienated_one wrote:Hey Olivier, I just went to the post office to get the package label but I was taken aback by the 47$ shipping cost it would be to your location. I have shipped to Canada in the past but its never been this high. Would you be willing to renegotiate our deal as I would be taking a pretty big hit cash-wise?

Spikes wrote:Hi Russ.

In my initial PM I clearly stipulated my postal code in order to obtain your appraisal of my offer. I have not held back any required information; and simply made my offer. I expect you to take shipping costs into the asking price when agreeing for the 65$ total price.

While still going with the agreed-upon total price, I could give you a tip, just like we do with barmaids or barmen. If we get great service we pay an extra. If everything arrives in due form with no breaking or scratches and if I am satisfied, I might give you some extra money over the 65$. I am being vague here, precisely for the reason that I firmly believe in our previous agreement. I am simply trying to incentivize you to NOT BACK OUT of an agreed-upon deal.

Please let me know when you've shipped.
alienated_one wrote:Olivier,

I apologize but I am not going to be able to go through with this deal. The cost of shipping is too high. This is not from any misinformation on your part. This is solely due to my lack of actually checking the price of shipping to your postal code. I have refunded your money to you via paypal. I also accept any consequences that might occur from this backing out of a deal. I apologize for any inconveniences that this might have incurred.

Russ Arbogast
If you are shipping a parcel to me, do not use UPS! I prefer UK Royal Mail, Canada Post and USPS. Thanks!

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Re: Backout: alienated_one

Post by alienated_one » Tue Oct 22, 2013 12:29 am

I acknowledge this back-out report and confirm this is exactly what happened. This is entirely my fault.
Alienated_One's Rules:
1. Lower Rating Ships first, unless we agree otherwise.
2. I will answer any PMs that are sent to me, I would appreciate it if you answered my PMs, even with a simple no.

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Re: Backout: alienated_one

Post by porkuslime » Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:14 pm

Then I guess there is nothing more to add..

If there is, PM a Staff Member..

2+2=5 for sufficiently large values of 2.

If you don't have your Location listed in your User Control Panel, why not take a second and update it? It will let your trading partners know where you are from the beginning.

I use the Unofficial Porkuslime Trading Guidelines - if you have way less refs.. you ship first.

Folks I am awaiting a ref from.. Zack

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