W:Skitarii, blood angel, Chaos H: $, custodes, DEldar, Nids

Whatever you call them - model bits, parts, leftovers...all game systems are welcome here.

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W:Skitarii, blood angel, Chaos H: $, custodes, DEldar, Nids

Post by Cyranax » Mon Jul 09, 2018 3:32 am

I'm looking for a few bits from kits for customizing my armies. I'm in northern California, near Sac.

Onager Dunecrawler legs, armor plates, and hip sockets.

Blood Angel Sang. guard Power fists

Chaos Soul Grinder leg chassis, and front leg armor plates.

I have paypal, dark eldar bits, custodes bits, and tyranid bits. Willing to trade or buy for anyone that has anything I'm looking for.
If you message me, I will make it a point to respond as soon as I can, interested or not. Please afford me the same courtesy.

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