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W: IG Vehicle Accessory Sprue Bitz H: $

Whatever you call them - model bits, parts, leftovers...all game systems are welcome here.

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W: IG Vehicle Accessory Sprue Bitz H: $

Post by MEversbergII » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:24 pm


Looking to see if anyone has spare bitz before jumping into buying a bunch of these accessory sprues. In general I'm looking for the following:

* 3x-8x Sets of Chimera / Russ Track Guards

* 3x-6 sets "antennas" from Imperial vehicles (any type should do, pref mix of SM and IG if you've got them - it is for a Command Tank)

If you have much of the other Bitz as well I'm interested - such as the cupola bodies (particularly the standing leg/toros), the misc. lasguns / laspistols, "extras" like fuel tanks, etc. The above is just the "functional bitz" I'm hunting up primarily.



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