World war 2 Bolt action eastern front complete table for sale

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World war 2 Bolt action eastern front complete table for sale

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For sale. Ships in 2 boxes. Buyer pays shipping, MA to IL was $40 total for an estimated quote. Comes from a dog household. (black fur)

$230 + shipping.

The bronekator is a large metal and resin model, buyer assumes some responsibility for damages that occur in shipping. It is well packed and supported, but stuff happens. some repairs maybe needed.

1 cigar box battle mat (6x4, actually bigger by inches on both sides)
9 tree groupings
7 wheat strips
6 dock scatter terrain
4 wheat bales
5 tank wrecks (made from expanding foam in molds, not actual models)
1 brick building (resin)
5 large ruins
9 small ruins
4 lengths barbed wire (1 and 3 sections)
1 bridge
1 boat
2 freight car tank things
2 ramps up to the bridge
4, 12x12’’ frozen river
X1 bronekator armored boat
1 large transport tub
1 small transport tub

All pieces are modular and scatter. Can be set up in any variance. The frozen river has a strict set up for the order in which the pieces will work in conjunction with the boat and the bridge. But it can work on the edge of a table, down the middle etc. From mat to top of the dock is ½’’; does not block line of sight but can offer cover. I have played the frozen river as passable and difficult for vehicles. HO-American flyer train can fit through the bridge. In different set ups I have ran a train track over the bridge and through the board.

More photos found here ... g-mat.html

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