W: Gale Force Nine Terrain for FOW / Team Yankee and GW/FW stuff

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W: Gale Force Nine Terrain for FOW / Team Yankee and GW/FW stuff

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Thanks for checking out my trade list, I look forward to bartering with you =). Gaming budget is tight at the moment so mostly looking for trades unless it’s a crazy good deal :lol:

Please note:
** I try to respond in a timely fashion, if I don’t, shoot me a friendly reminder, and I will do the same. Life happens, I get it.
** Make an offer if you see something you like. Please mention if the offer includes shipping and handling or not, ie say "$25 incl. s&h", easy enough.


Armies of the Imperium
Marines - 1998 Limited box set captain w axe and bolter
Marines - Dante, Lemartes and Blood Angel Terminator Captain
Marines - Emperors Champion Model (Metal)
Marines - Primaris Librarian
Marines - 5 DA Reivers
Marines - 2 Drop Pods
Marines - Land Raider Crusader
Guard - Sergeant "Ripper" Jackson Catachan Model -$50
Guard - 2 Leman Russ (1 stripped, 1 missing hull gun and turret)
Custodes - 1 Shield Captain on Bike assembled
Valhallan- 3 autocannon teams, 1 missile launcher, 1 Captain Cherkov, 2 Sgts, 18 troopers, 2 Tank Riders, 2 Tank Gunners $225
Old school plastic terminators (big shoulder pads, mostly on sprue)
12 Metal (Chaos/Grey Knights) Terminators = $136

[bXenos/Chaos/Demons [/b]
Forgeworld Statue of Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen from ~2000 oop (needs some TLC)
Plague Burst Crawler (airbrush started)
1 Plague Marine
Necron - Triarch Stalker (assembled)
Tyranids - Rogue Trader Era Warriors (rough shape)
Tau - 2 Forge World Remora Drones Stealth Fighters (primed)
Tau - 10 man Pathfinder unit (primed)
Tau - 10 man Firewarrior unit (primed)
Tau - 6 Stealth Suits (primed)
Eldar - 6 Wild Riders of Saim Hann (mostly unbuilt, oop style)
Eldar - 1 Vyper (unassembled)
Eldar - 3 Vyper (well painted)
Eldar - 2 War Walkers (well painted)
Eldar - 2 Wave Serpents (well painted)
Eldar - 1 Falcon (well painted)

Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy
Holga Clovenhorn
Warhammer Castle Arrow slits (In blister 8591B) -$10
Plague Elemental $40

Ratmen/Skaven - Ikit claw $20
Ratmen/Skaven- Boneripper and Thanquol $45
Ratmen/Skaven- Queek Headtaker $30
Ratmen/Skaven - Plague Priest Skrolk $20
Ratmen/Skaven - 1 Grey seer gnawdoom $20
Ratmen/Skaven - 7 Jezzail Teams $20 each
Ratmen/Skaven - Weapon team (4 guys) $20
Ratmen/Skaven - 4 rat ogres 3rd edition $60
Ratmen/Skaven - Misc scrub Rats will be ~$4-5 a rat have about 89 of them.

Ossiarch Bonereapers - Arch - Kavalos Zandtos
Ossiarch Bonereapers - Necropolis Stalkers

Night Haunts - Bladegheist Revenants-

Seraphon/Lizardmend - Small Mordheim band of lizardmen models

Khorne Bladeguard - Looks to be a start collecting, and a bunch of additional HQ models and infantry
GW Boxed Games (Titanicus, Aeronautica, Necromunda Etc)
Aeronautica Imperialis - 4 Marauder Bomber (on sprue)
Aeronautica Imperialis - 4 Thunderbolt (on sprue)
Aeronautica Imperialis - Imperial Navy Taros Dice (Sealed)
Aeronautica Imperialis - Rulebook and playing mat
Titanicus - Open Engine Card Pack $40
Necromunda - Orlock Gang Tactics Cards and Dice -$65 for both or $35 each
Battlefleet Gothic - Orbital station
Kill Team - Pariah Terrain, cards and Rulebook

Board/Video Games
Clank! Expeditions: Gold and Silk Expansion
Keyforge box set and deck (in shrink)

FOW - 1 British Matilda 2 (sealed)
FOW - 2 Italian L6/40 (sealed)
FOW - Armored Rifle Platoon US703 (Blister Broken)
FOW - Armored Rifle Platoon dismounted Machine-guns US738 (Blister Broken)
Black Seas - Frigate and 6 Brigs on Sprue
Blood Red Skies - Supermarine spitfire Mk2

McFarlane Hellblaster $40 (will trade for other McFarlane 40k models)
McFarlane Sister of Battle $40 (will trade for other McFarlane 40k models)
Freeblades/Penny Dreadful/Fires of Memory $53 retail $25 shipped in the USA
Marvel Crisis Protocol - Rogue and Gambit
Maulifaux - Sergeant Model
Georgette The general 54mm sculpt by Wargamer Hot and Dangerous
FW Eldar Phoenix Statue (some damage)
2022 Secondary Objective Cards
Games Workshop Sling Pack
GW Dice Bag


Space Marines/Imperium
Custodes Blade Champion
Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus
Inquisitor with Combi-weapon
FW Jenetia Krole, Knight-Commander of the Silent Sisterhood
FW Sisters of Silence Prosecutor Cadre Upgrade Set
FW Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex and Retinue
Primaris Vehicles - Invader ATV, Storm Speeder, Gladiator
Primaris Infantry - Eliminators/Eliminators bits, Eradicators, Heavy Intercessor/H. Intercessor bits
Primaris Bits - Techmarine bits, Ironhand bits, Inceptor w/ Plasma and Plasma Weapon bits
Sisters of Battle - Paragon Warsuits, Celestian Sacresants, Canoness Veridyan,
Canis Rex pilot

GSC - Reductus Saboteur

GW Boxed Games (Titanicus, Aeronautica, Necromunda Etc)
Adeptus Titanicus - Cerastus Knights Acheron & Castigator
Adeptus Titanicus - Manufactorum Imperialis terrain, Civitas Imperialis Spires
Adeptus Titanicus - Loyalist dice, 1-2 Acastus, 1-2 Cerastus Knight Command Terminals
Adeptus Titanicus - The Defence of Ryza, Shadow and Iron, Crucible of Retribution
Adeptus Titanicus - FW Mechanicum Questoris Magaera/Styrix and Cerastus Knight Atrapos
Adeptus Titanicus - FW Armiger Knights Helverins and Warglaives, Knight Moirax and Knight Asterius
Adeptus Titanicus - Warmaster Titan
Necromunda – Palatine enforcers and cards
Necromunda - Orlock Arms Masters and Wreckers
Necromunda - 'Jotunn' H-Grade Industrial Servitor Ogryns
Aeronautica Imperialis - FW Imperial Navy Arvus Lighters
Aeronautica Imperialis - FW Astra Militarum Vulture Gunships with Punisher Cannon
Aeronautica Imperialis - Companion
Aeronautica Imperialis - FW Necrons Doom Scythe Squadron, Adeptus Astartes Ground Assets
Kill Team - Moroch box set
Kill Team - Nachmund box set

Star Wars Armada
Nadiri Starhawk Expansion Pack (SWM32)
Onager-class Star Destroyer (SWM33)
Rogues and Villains Expansion Pack (SWM14)
Interdictor Expansion Pack (SWM16)
MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser (SWM17)
Imperial Raider Expansion Pack (SWM15)
Imperial Light Cruiser (SWM22 )
Rebel Fighter Squadrons II (SWM23)
Imperial Fighter Squadrons II (SWM24)
Imperial Light Carrier (SWM26)
The Profundity (SWM30)

Board Games/Video Games/consoles/Tech
Brass – Birmingham (3)
Gaia Project (8)
Potion Explosion (429)
I-Phone and Ipads (newer models)
Great Western Trail Item
Everdell Item
Isle of Skye Item
BattleTech A Game of Armored Combat by Catalyst Games

Military Order - 300pt Pack, Seraphs
USAriadna - Blackjacks, 5th Minutemen, Marauder, USAriadna grunts, Tracktor Muls
Airborne Rangers
Infinity - Well painted army lots (new sculpts only though)
Infinity - New Rulebook
Frostgrave - Looking for any factions (just starting out, new edition rulebook)
Stargrave - Looking for any factions (just starting out)
Wizkids Deep Cuts - Goblin Village, Adventurers Campfire, Pools and Pillars,
Bounty Board, Fountain, Chests, Keg Barrels, Tent and Lean-to

Black Seas – Other fleet sets besides USA and France, Preference towards well painted
De Bellis Antiquitatis - 15mm Ancients or medieval forces
New FOW Rule book
Painted FOW/Team Yankee armies

Terrain and Hobby supplies
Battlefoam cases
Terrain GW - Promethium relay pipes, Battle Sanctum. Battlezone: Manufactorum, etc
Terrain GW AOS - Dominion of Sigmar: Shattered Temple, timeworn ruins, Sigmarite Dais
Terrain FW - Open to any of their terrain (Zone Mortalis Doors Scribe Station, etc)
Terrain - Flames of War (Hedgerows, Rural Roads, premium buildings, tributaries)
Terrain - Gale Force Nine Battlefield in a box, Gothic industrial line, 15mm ruined buildings
Wall of Martyrs - Firestorm Redoubt, Aquila Strongpoint, Vengeance Weapons Battery
Paint Brushes, good quality ones (new/like new)
Hobby Clippers
1. I do my best to communicate & ship in a timely matter & expect the same
2. If you or I back out of a trade expect the other to post so in the b/o forum etc, if thats not okay then I am not your man to trade with
3. An offer of "$25" for an item does not include s&h if you are not okay with actual shipping charges from the USPS on top of that then say "$25 incl s&h".. simple enough..
4. Please be polite, leave feedback
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