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H:Khorne mortal,WoM,misc W:Terrain,Spacewolves

Post by hersoldier » Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:07 pm

I am not looking to buy anything atm . Would prefer to trade over selling .


Wall of martyrs
Defence lines X3
Firestorm redoubt NIB
Defence emplacement x2
Aquila strongpoint

20 blood reavers
40 starter set blood reavers
10 starter set blood warriors
1 khorgorath
These are all assembled some ( the blood warriors ) have head swaps/arm swap here or there,bare plastic

triumvirate of Primarch NOS
Brood coven NOS
Tau Breacher/fire warrior squad nos
20 chaos warhounds nos
2 storm fiends nos ( gatling gun and warp crystal )
Eldrad nos
Artimis NOs


Manufactorum ( 2-4 sets)
Imperial Sector
Sanctum Imperialis
Wulfen ( current plastic only nos preferred or with claws ) need 2 -4 box sets ?
Space wolves dreadnought ( must be nos )
1) I can only trade in the states
2) offers are good for 24 hours
3) Please leave feed back.
4)) Lower rating or bad refs. ships/pays first, even if it's me.
5) paypal for buying/selling

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