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H: Bandua terrain W: GW

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Runewolf ( 504 )
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H: Bandua terrain W: GW

Post by Runewolf » Mon Jul 17, 2017 2:15 am

Want to trade or sell 5 Bandua Q Buildings L, 1 Q Building XL and 2 roof bridges, already assemblen and with basic paint.


-1Tac squad
-Librarian in power armor
-Scout Snipers
-Company Command
-Legion o/t Damned
-Triumvirate or just Roboute
-2 Razorbacks
-1 Deathwatch transport
-Stormhawk interceptor
-Black spear strikeforce
-10 Assault marines
-Malleus killteam
-Centurion Devastator
-Thunderfire cannon
-Deathwatch Dread
-Deathwatch Vanguard
-Deathwatch librarian
-Deathwatch dice

Thanks for your time.

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