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All New Conversion Contests

Post by Lord_Nagash » Sun Mar 22, 2009 2:09 pm

All new Conversion Contest.

Welcome!!! We are unveiling a new type of Conversion Contest here on Bartertown. The idea is to get the community involved and to show off your skills in being able to make conversions of your favorite models to fit the theme of the contest.

In the past there have been problems with the contest regarding awards. So, to let everyone know up front, there will be NO prizes for these contests. The winner will be getting bragging rights. J

Every contest will have a theme picked by someone from the staff. Rules will be laid out in the forum. The staff will NOT be the only judges of the entries. The community will be judging. All contests will be set up like a poll and we ask that when the contest is put up, that NO ONE post comments in the topic, except to post your entry and what it is supposed to be. Keep in mind it MUST go along with the theme. All we ask is that you vote on the entry you think is best. This is to maintain transparency so that no one thinks the contest is rigged.

We will also be creating a Conversion Hall of Fame and winner’s names and a picture of their winning entry as long as the year and the theme of the contest will be posted.

More to follow soon!!!
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