PBT's Rackham Painting Competition 01/03/12-31/05/12

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PBT's Rackham Painting Competition 01/03/12-31/05/12

Post by Paintbrushturkey » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:52 am

1. Entry will be free (although if you feel generous i won't turn a donation down (donations go towards/are the next prize miniature & get a dedication at the next event)) and competitions will run for 2 months (starting on the 00:01 am on 1st of March ending 11:59 pm on 31st of May(GMT+10)
2. There will a single prize miniature for this contest this will be a Rackham miniature from the blister:
Onyx the Prowler:
3. Winner will be determined by public vote should there be a tie I'll make the final decision (unless someone more qualified than myself would volunteer to do the judging). Voting will last 7 days. (a separate thread will be created at the end of this competition)
4. Minimum number of entries in order for the competition to run will be 10 people, maximum number of entrants will be 100 (oh i wish)
5. To enter entrants must post a picture of their prepared, unprimed miniature at the start of the contest (in this thread), and a picture of the completed miniature prior to the end of the contest (again in this thread)
6. All entrants must use any one miniature from the same manufacturer as the prize miniature (Rackham or Legacy miniatures). Feel free to enter any sized models you like just try to keep it smaller or equal to large size (wolfen, brontops cavalry, other cavalry, nefarious clones etc etc are all good. cynwall dragons (both), Mountain warriors, Tarascus, Hyrda, Dirz Wyrm, Titan Dragon etc on the other hand are likely to large, if there is sufficent interest there may be the possibility to run a "monster contest" or similar.

Note this competition runs on over multiple forums, the relevant threads can be found here (if you post in any single one of the threads that will suffice for entry):
Ozpainters (http://www.mainlymedieval.com/ozpainter ... f=4&t=4431)
ThePaintedDragon (http://www.thepainteddragon.co.uk/forum ... =29&t=1062)
Dragonpainting (http://www.dragonpainting.net/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=2978)
Bartertown (viewtopic.php?f=36&t=158767)

Any troubles or other issues, let me know.
When dealing with me the following applies:
NIB = new in sealed blister
mint = new never stripped may or may not be in blister
assembled = mint assembled miniature
stripped = previously painted, may have minor paint residues
primed = single layer of primer, no obscurement of details
painted = may have one or multiple layers of paint, may be badly stripped with paint residues, pictures are best here
primed and painted minis are assumed to be assembled

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