W: Flesh and Blood TCG, $USD H: Fully painted Necron Army + extras

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W: Flesh and Blood TCG, $USD H: Fully painted Necron Army + extras

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Downsizing the number of 40k armies I have in the house. Looking to sell my fully painted and based Necron army, along with some unassembled models. I am keeping the army together and will not part out units, sorry. Looking for $900 or best offer for the painted army. Additional Necron models as priced. Buyer pays for shipping. I'm primarily looking to sell but would consider trades in the form of Flesh and Blood TCG cards.

Army Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/GPd7UWn

Catacomb Command Barge (Weapons not glued, lord not glued)
Skorpekh Lord
Chronomancer/Plamancer (Converted)
Royal Warden
Indomitus Overlord

Lychguard (5)
Canoptek Reanimator
Flayed Ones (5)
Skorpekh Destroyers (9, with 3 Plasmacytes)
Cryptothralls (4)
Canoptek Spyder (2, Converted from Reanimators)

Necron Warriors (40 with Gauss Reapers, 12 Scarab Swarms)
Immortals (10)

Fast Attacks:
Tomb Blades (3)
Night Scythe

Additional Models:
Kamoteph the Crooked (NiB) - $55
Indomitus Lord (2) - $10 each
Royal Warden (2) - $10 each
Plasmancer (2) with Cryptothralls (2 each) - $15 each
Skorpehk Lord (2) - $20 each
Necron Warriors (20) with Scarab Swarms (6) - $30 per 10
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