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H: 40k, Tombkings, Lotr. W: Zombicide, MTG, Misc

Post by Arthas367 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:12 pm

Hello all, been forever since my last post, real life got in the way. But i have brought some goodies up for trades, if anything is of interest hit me up!

My Wants:
Zombicide: Black Plague Guest Boxes
  • Carl Critchow
    Adrian Smith
    Paolo Parente
    Karl kopinski
    Stefan kopinski
    Edouard Guiton
    Jovem Nerd
    Neal adams
    John Howe
    Murder of Crowz
    Homer, Benson, Bruce
Zombicide: Green Horde
  • Ultimate Survivor
    Ratking and Swamp Troll
    North the Halfling
- MTG Cards: I am just getting back into it, Looking for decent amount of staples and such mainly for edh (in particular zombies would be great) but let me know what you have got.
- Wow TCG ( Scourgewar block, outlands block, etc)
- Lord of the Rings/Hobbit: Plastic, Resin and Metals (let me know what you've got!) 

My Haves:

- Renegade knight (needs some pieces re attached and such)
- Oop Witchhunter Retinue boxset (inquisitor needs sword reattached)
- Nib nurglings (plastic)
- NoS 3 x flamers of Tz
- 1ksons Dice (opened)
- 5 x Sisters of Silence
- 1 x NOS Aspiring Champion
- NOS Set of Chosen from DV
- OOP FW Sonic Weapon Arms for Dread (twin blastmaster and sonic) 
- 6 x Noise Marines (assembled/primed, made with weapons pack FC) 
- 1 x NIB FC Noise Marine Weapons Pack 
- 5 x Metal Sonic blasters (and accompanying arm pieces)

Tomb Kings
- 2 x Tomb Kings Battalion (1 mostly painted/ based, other nib/sprue)
- 3 x Sepulchral Stalkers
- Metal Casket of Souls (partially assembled)
- NIB Tomb Guard
- 20 x Tomb Guard (primed, a few painted)
- Bare Metal Screaming Skull Catapult
2 x Necrosphinx (1 NIB)
- 3 x FC Bow Ushabiti (1 has broken bow haft)

- 12 x oop Footknights of Dol Amroth
- 6 x Metal Mounted knights of dol
- NIB oop Balin and Khazad boxset
- NIB Metal Dragon oop
- Army of the Dead Banner
- NIB Mordor Troll (Plastic)
- NIB Gimli on Uruk oop
- NIB oop armored goblins metal
- 9 x Numenorean Archers oop
- 9 x Numenorean Spearmen
- 3 x oop Galadhrim Court Guard (metal)
- 6 x oop Serpent Guard
- 2 x oop Serpent Riders
- 3 x Abrakhan Guard
- 6 x Watchers of Karna
- 3 x Dunedain
( Tons of other oop and regular items available if you have trade wants)

- Oop Metal Greatsword Command blister for the Empire
- Misc Emprie State Troops and Great Cannon (all NOS) 
- Warhammer Fantasy Rpg: Gamemaster's Guide 
- Warhammer Fantasy Rpg: Player's Handbook 
- Rogue Trader: The Koronus Beastiary 
- 2 x Black Crusade RPG books 
- Relic Knights: Dark Space Calamity 
- Infinity: 2nd Edition 
- Infinity: Human Sphere 
- Infinity: Campaign Paradiso 

Any questions of inquiries hit me with a PM! Thanks for looking.
I follow normal bartertown standards lower rating ships first, on trades

Any negative ratings and you ship first in matters of trade

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