H: Star Wars Destiny W: AoS, 40k, Shadespire, Necromunda

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H: Star Wars Destiny W: AoS, 40k, Shadespire, Necromunda

Post by LAWwaldo » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:58 pm

Hey there,

I'm looking to trade away my SWDestiny collection.

The legends I have are as follows:

AT-ST x2
Baze Malbus x1
Black One x1
Bowcaster x1
Commanding Presence x1
Darh Vader - Sith Lord x1
Force Choke x2
Force Lightning x1
Han Solo x2
Handcrafted Light Bow x1
Jabba the Hutt x2
Kylo Ren's Lightsaber x1
Launch Bay x1
Maz's Goggles x2
Millennium Falcon x2
Palpatine x1
Poe Dameron x2
Quadjumper x1
Rocket Launcher x1
Slave 1 x2
Z6 riot Control Baton x2

I also have a ton of Rare's and Commons/Uncommons if you are looking for those to fill out your collection.

In return I'm looking for:

Necromunda minis (new plastic sculpts)
AoS - Grand Alliance Order
Space Wolves
1K Sons
Dark Eldar
Potentially other GW minis.
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