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OOP Model - Mega-Thread

Posted: Wed Feb 16, 2022 3:06 pm
by 3eland
A couple people have mentioned this to me. Having a single pinned thread looking for OOP/hard to find models. This way they can keep their Wishlist active here without taking space in other posts elsewhere.

This thread will work slightly different than normal Mega-Threads.

You may post OOP (Out of Print) models you are looking to sell, trade or purchase. Your post must include pictures of the models, a descriptive list of the models and what you are looking to buy/sell/trade for them.

Absolutely no trade interaction may take place in this thread. Post your models and let people come to you (or you go to them) through PM.

Only one post per member. Update your Original post when your list updates.

This Mega-Thread will exist as long as members don't abuse it. Or as long as it remains relevant.