H: Cthulhu Knit Mask W: various or Paypal

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H: Cthulhu Knit Mask W: various or Paypal

Post by Shrapnelsmile » Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:41 pm

Up for grabs is a fun Cthulhu mask with tentacles suitable for an adult.
Purchased by professional vendor at Gencon
The color is a vibrant green (naturally) and has numerous woven tentacles.

This is a very fun and light mask with eye holes and would be great for Halloween debauchery.
Pics avail upon request


Cash value $14 shipped anywhere U.S.

Trade (about $30 value)

Gene Stealer Neophyte Hybrids, Kill Team
Nurgle Marine stuff 40K
Slaanesh AoS
Test of Honour
Konflikt '47 Germany
Battle Valor Fantasy nearly any army
Deep Wars minis or terrain
All Quiet Martian Front U.S.
Star Wars Legion Imperials
Warmachine Cryx
Hordes Grymkin
Middle Earth SBG Games Workshop varous esp mordor, Moria or Dwarves
Battle Tech Basic Starter Set
Fantasy /Sci Fi Terrain
Song of Ice and Fire units Lannister

Thank you
~ Shrap

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