H: UFO - Gerry Anderson, 4" UFO and Lunar Module Carrier W: $$, Konami UFO, PE Interceptor

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H: UFO - Gerry Anderson, 4" UFO and Lunar Module Carrier W: $$, Konami UFO, PE Interceptor

Post by Mako11 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:10 am

I have the following, surplus, Gerry Anderson items for sale, or trade:

Studio 2 - Resin, 4" diameter UFO kit, with vacuum-formed, clear plastic upper and lower domes, in original box/packaging.

This is one of the nicer, "garage kit" models, since all of the fins as well as the "guitar picks" around the circumference of the model have fine, raised vertical line detailing, evocative of the original, much larger, "studio scale" models. I've noticed that even some of the larger 8", "studio" models now being sold do not have this kind of detailing on them, which is a shame.

$90, including free USPS Priority Mail shipping to customers living in the USA, and with insurance coverage included.

Or, trade this for a Product Enterprise, Moonbase Interceptor in excellent condition.

I believe this UFO matches up well in size with the die-cast UFOs sold in sets, and packaged with an Interceptor.

UFOs of this size, and quality, are quite rare, and difficult to obtain, as you may know, if you are a Gerry Anderson, UFO toy model fan. I purchased this one about 20 - 25 years ago.

Note, this is a kit that requires good modeling skill, since some of the cast resin vanes and picks are slightly warped, and will need to be heated in warm/hot water in order to be straightened, and then dunked in cold water to reset them. Apparently, this is usual on many resin kits like this, with such thin resin parts. I believe a person with average skill and patience should be able to deal with this issue, without too much difficulty, since if it doesn't work the first time, you simply try again, until you get it right.

Konami, SHADO Lunar Carrier and Module for sale, or trade (looking for one more Konami UFO model - see below for trade offer).

It's in mint condition, still in its sealed plastic bag, inside of an opened box (you have to open them to see what's inside of these trading sets). The one shown is from my personal collection, so has been removed from the bag.

Would make a great target for a UFO that gets past the Moonbase Interceptors.

$30 for customers living in the USA, including FREE USPS Priority Mail shipping, with insurance.

Paypal preferred, but will also take USPS Money Orders.

Also willing to trade this, and a Sky One in exchange for a Konami UFO


rkentjr AT Hotmail (d0t) c o m

if you want it.

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