W: LotR microfigs, legos, off brand legos H: Cygnar, Skorne, some $

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W: LotR microfigs, legos, off brand legos H: Cygnar, Skorne, some $

Post by haaschnp » Mon Mar 12, 2018 4:40 pm

Odd request:

Looking for Lego LoTR microfigs (Rohan warriors, dwarves, Eowyn would be great, orcs)
Also interesed in any medieval-y legos. lots of light and dark grey bricks, special wall pieces.
And interested in off brand - Enlighten "Legos". (They have some neat sets on Ebay currently from the Glory of War series. Their elves are great.)


Don't have a lot of cash, but its there

Would prefer trading:

Skorne mk3 partially painted battlegroup - teal and gold armor

Cygnar army:
mk3 battlegroup, primed grey
bare metal 6 storm guard
3 nib storm lances

I can sell my warmachine/Hordes stuff too to fuel my building nonsense. Shipping not included.
I will always try my best to communicate accurately. Please do the same.
If you need me to ship first, I'm ok with that even if my ref number is higher.
If you express interest in something I'm selling and we settle on a deal and then I don't hear back from you for a few days, I will message you to make sure the deal is still on. If you need to back out, fine. Just please let me know. My feelings won't get hurt. I just need to know.
Located in the US and prefer to trade/ship in ConUs.

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