[H]:40k/INF/KS/BG/RPG [W]:$$$/BG/40k maybe

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[H]:40k/INF/KS/BG/RPG [W]:$$$/BG/40k maybe

Post by Deacon » Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:43 pm

All armies and board game "sets" are LOT ONLY. I'm not interested in breaking armies or individual games up so please don't ask, I will ignore your question seeing as you ignored this part of the post. I do my best to describe the condition of everything but if you want pictures of assembled models or of condensed games, just ask. I will not take pictures of things that are nis/nib/nos, it's kind of a waste of both of our time. I have an extensive board game trade list at the end and games in RED are my highest priority. Some lots I only want to sell and they will be noted in their individual descriptions.



2016 Get Started Box - nib
2x Lychguard/Praetorian Boxes - nib
2x Immortal/Deathmarks Boxes - nib
12x Warriors w/ Scarabs - 2 sets of scarabs on bases already, everything else nib
5x Deathmarks - assembled
1x Ghost Ark (may have a small underside fin missing, assembled bare plastic)
1x Obyryn
1x Zahndrekh
Few assorted lords (primed, stripped, whatever...not counting them in price anyway)

Sisters of Battle (TGG2 SF Sisters) - SALE ONLY - all TGG2 items are NoS resin, as they arrived. The GW kits are NiB.
3x 5 Sisters Regular Troopers Cmnd
6x 5 Sisters Regular Troopers
1x 5 Daughters of the Crucible Cmnd
1x 5 Daughters of the Crucible
1x 5 Davidians Cmnd
1x 5 Davidians
1x 5 Icariates Cmnd
1x 5 Icariates
1x 5 Knights of the Chalice Cmnd
1x 5 Knights of the Chalice

5x Games Workshop Immolator kits - nib
1x War Pulpit

1x Ascended Sister Ezrebel
1x Sol-Sarya
1x Templar Mona de Costemore


Combined Army
Onyx Contact Force
Unidron Special Weapons set - assembled
Raicho - assembled but looks to be missing the front banners on the legs
Umbra Samaritan - combi breaker
Combined Support Pack
2x Ikadron + Imetron - mostly assembled, Prime/glaze
Ko Dali
Noctifer = M/L

KICKSTARTER BOARD GAMES - All of these have requisite kickstarter bonuses/exclusives as per descriptions.

Zombicide - Miniatures and cards stored in a large plano Stow N Go. All tiles, chits, rules/books in the Rue Morgue box. No other boxes were kept.
All 3 seasons were kickstarted and extra zombies and other bonuses are included. Some survivors were traded or sold, REFER TO THE LIST.
Base Game, Prison Outbreak, Toxic City Mall, Angry Neighbors, Rue Morgue, 3D Doors & Barricades, Ultimate Survivors 1 & 2, Compendium 1, Zombie dogs, Dog Companions, Murder of Crowz, Team Building Deck. Kickstarter bonuses for all 3 sets. Colored Zombie dice: Black (6), Glow in the Dark (6), Green (6), Yellow (8), Dark Yellow (6), Brown (6), Orange (6), Red (6). Hero miniatures NOT INCLUDED are listed below. Cards for all heroes released through KS3 are included and with the exception of Ultimate Survivors #2, are laminated for protection and easier marking (the chits and slides are obnoxious, dry erase markers work far better).

**** Achille
**** Bill
**** Cardboard Tube Samurai
**** Chaz
**** Chuck
**** Claudia
**** Dakota
**** Dave
**** Don
**** Eva
**** Frank
**** Fred
**** Gary
**** Helen
**** Lea
**** Mack
**** Marvin
**** Mike
**** Mr. Phal
**** Rick
**** Rob
**** Ross
**** Smith
**** Will

Fleet Commander
Admiral Pledge + Pirates Xpac, Fleet Xpac, Forge Xpac, Tileset xpac

Vampire Hunters SALE ONLY
Slayer Pledge + Varacolaci Xpac, Gugadeth, Nyx, Peter Constant, Shadroe "Rat" Decatur, 3d Scenery Pack, Hunter and Vampire Engraved Dice

Dark Souls SALE ONLY
Currently base game with expansions to come. If you're interested we can work something out for waves 2 and 3.

Sword & Sorcery SALE ONLY
Hero Pledge + Immortal Bundle, Custom Dice, Metal Crowns. The extras white box has some marking/damage to the outside of the box but all contents are pristine

KS edition - Basic pledge + all stretch goals

Super Dungeon Explore I'd prefer to sell but not opposed to trading. Stored in the various big boxes with individual spawns in baggies.
1st ed Base game, 1st ed Caverns of Roxxor, 1st ed Von Drakk's Manor, Rock Top Gang, Fireflow Denizens
Forgotten King "Dark Consul all-in" bundle, All Dark Heroes, All Relic Knights crossovers, Hearts and Potions, extra dice galore, Beatrix the Witch Queen, Jack Scarecrow

Arcadia Quest - I have all of the KS exclusive miniatures and they are FOR SALE. If you're looking for specific heroes or a random assortment, shoot me a message. Understand I'm looking for market value, I'm just not listing each individual miniature. All minis will include the card sleeved and any expansion (Nameless Campaign) will include all of the requisite cards, sleeved and the rulebook.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon - I have a Typhon pledge that has been broken down/organized that I'm debating selling. I'm awaiting a replacement for a couple of cards that had errors (only in french, double while missing another) but if the offer is right, I'd be willing to part with everything. All large boxes were kept for storage, all small boxes were disposed of.

Krosmaster Stored in Quest, base game, and cardboard "extras" box from kickstarter
Krosmaster 1.0 Base set, Frigost, Quest. Includes alternate autumn like cardboard trees from kickstarter.

Miniature sets included: Fire & Ice, Remington Style, Kerub's Bazaar, Close Quarters, Shak Attack, Bad Boys, Goultard Control, Earth & Wind, Percimol Rules, Dura Lex Doo Rex, Holy Missile, Dragoon Power, Head Hunters, Armored Brotherhood, Riktus Assault, A Lucky , Duel Packs 1 & 2, Dark Heroes Pack.

Single Promo Miniatures
: Argon Gass, Amelia, Yugo, Goultard the Barbarian (Dark Goultard), Nox, Count Frigost, Terminatot, Stasis Terminatot, Percedal, Evangelyne, Ruel Stroud, Katsu Mi, Raul Bak.

Season 3 Single Miniatures: Boomba, Buck Anear, Deminoball (Gold base), Dragossiper the Nag, Dragostess, Dreggoog the Downunder, Hazwonarm (Gold base), Kanniball Andchain, Kanniball Archer (Gold base), Kanniball Jav, Kanniball Sarbak, Kanniball Thierry (Gold base), Otomai (Gold Base).


Lord of the Rings LCG - stored in core game set
Core Set
Deluxe Sets - Heirs of Numenor, The Lost Realm
Saga Set - Treason of Saruman
Ringmaker Cycle (All 6 Sets) – 1-6
Against the Shadow (2 Sets) - 1, 4
Dream-chaser (1 Set) - 1

Marvel Legendary - Stored in the core game and dark city boxes. All cards are sleeved.
Core set, Dark City, Paint the Town Red, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fear itself

Summoner Wars
Master Set, Vanguard 1&2, Jungle Elves 1, Cloaks 1, Mercenaries 1, Cave Goblins 2, Fallen Kingdom 2, Guild Dwarves 2, Tundra Orcs 2, Hawk's Strike, Saella's Precision, Bellor's Retribution, Goodwin's Blade, Rukar's Power, Grungor's Charge

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn
Cavemen Playing with Fire
Eclipse + Rise of the Ancients
Escape Zombie City
Eternal Dynasty
Imperial Assault + Bespin Gambit
Mansions of Madness - 1st Ed
Mice & Mystics + Downwood Tales
Prove It
Robinson Crusoe - 1st Ed
Warhammer Invasion Core Set


Warhammer Fantasy RPG (current edition) - Base game/signs of faith stored together, all others are nib (some cards may have been opened and flipped through but most has remained untouched and all unplayed)
Base Game
Signs of Faith - stored with base game
Edge of Night
Gathering Storm
Creature Vault
Player's Vault
The Witch's Song
Omens of War
Black Fire Pass

Call of Cthulhu RPG
Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed - Hardcover Keeper Rulebook


It's lower on my priority but a well assembled 40k army wouldn't be out of the question. I'm not against any army except those listed above with a leaning toward Blood Angels, Drukhari, Tyranids, or Chaos(death guard or tz). I don't have time a lot of time to assemble minis between the other games I'm doing so nib/nos isn't really in my wheel house right now. Just a heads up, I consider well assembled to mean mold lines cleaned, joints aligned, and glue kept in said joints and not all over details.

$$$$$$ - Money is always good

Board Games

7 Wonders
7 Wonders Duel
A Feast for Odin
Bora Bora
Castles of Burgandy
Clank! in Space
Dominion Expansions
Dungeon Lords
Eldritch Horror + Expansions
Five Tribes
Flash Point + Expansions
Fury of Dracula 3ed
Imperial 2030
Le Havre
Letters from White Chapel
Lords of Waterdeep Scoundrels of Skullport
Manhattan Project
Near and Far
Ora et Labora
Pandemic Legacy S1 or S2 - Must be unplayed
Power Grid
Puerto Rico
Race for the Galaxy
Roll for the Galaxy
Roll Player
San Juan
Specter Ops
Star Wars Rebellion
Terra Mystica
Terraforming Mars
Through the Ages
Too Many Bones
Vinhus Deluxe
Viticulture Essential Ed
Voyages of Marco Polo
War of the Ring 2ed
Trades in US only. Sales I'll do international but you cover shipping. MSRP to MSRP.
Lowest rating ships first.

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Re: [H]:40k/INF/KS/BG/RPG [W]:$$$/BG/40k maybe

Post by Camlost » Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:11 pm

I’m interested in your Imperial Assault. I have 7 Wonders from your list, and a lot of other games tor trade. Would you please take a look at my link and let me know if we can make a trade happen?

https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/us ... large&ff=1
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