W: Monpoc & $ H: 40k & AOS (US Only)

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W: Monpoc & $ H: 40k & AOS (US Only)

Post by carldooley » Wed May 26, 2021 11:39 am

I have available:
Chaos Daemons
1 metal lord of change , primed black, unassembled $56
1 metal Changeling bare $14
50 scratchbuilt brimstone horrors primed white. free if you pay shipping, happy to add if you want anything else.
If you are willing to take every other Demon model on offer, I have a current 40k demon codex available as well, $16

Thousand Sons (Primed black, highlighted gold for a Black Legion look)
17 Rubrics with bolters $2.36 per each or $40.12 for all of them
1 Rubric with Bolter & Icon of Flame $2.36
1 Rubric with Soulreaper $2.36

Monpoc stuff. Can be 1.0 or 2.0, but I'll be more choosy with 1.0 stuff as I have quite a bit at this point.
$ (I'm looking for 40% of retail plus shipping. I'm not opposed to shipping internationally, but the cost and inability to track the package is prohibitive.)
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Re: W: Monpoc & $ H: 40k & AOS (US Only)

Post by Camlost » Thu May 27, 2021 2:50 am

Pm sent
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