Looking for D&D Minis, Pathfinder

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Looking for D&D Minis, Pathfinder

Post by Monkplayer » Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:44 am

I especially want these D&D minis, and am willing to give Paypal only cash, or trade some MBA, Dwarven Forge terrain, or possibly D&D/Pathfinder minis.

D&D MINIATURES WANT LIST (Buy Set Name then set number)

Aberrations 5 Dragon Samurai Rare
Aberrations 10 Warforged Hero Rare
Aberrations 18 Half-Elf Bow Initiate Rare
Against the Giants 4 Degenerate Cultist of Orcus Common
Against the Giants 11 Elder Red Dragon Rare
Against the Giants 15 Dragonborn Defender Rare
Against the Giants 16 Dragonborn Myrmidon Rare
Against the Giants 17 Dwarf Warsword Uncommon
Against the Giants 20 Fist of Moradin Uncommon
Against the Giants 23 Mighty Blademaster Rare
Against the Giants 30 Xorn Ravager Uncommon
Against the Giants 35 Furious Owlbear Rare
Against the Giants 39 Storm Giant Thunderer Rare
Against the Giants 44 Half-Elf Assassin Uncommon
Against the Giants 59 Elder White Dragon Rare
Angelfire 2 Cleric of Dol Arrah Uncommon
Archfiends 6 Medium Earth Elemental Uncommon
Archfiends 12 Champion of Eilistraee Rare
Archfiends 14 Drizzt, Drow Ranger Rare
Archfiends 17 Halfling Ranger Uncommon
Archfiends 18 Halfling Wizard Uncommon
Archfiends 19 Ialdabode, Human Psion Uncommon
Archfiends 35 Human Cleric of Bane Rare
Archfiends 37 Red Wizard Rare
Archfiends 53 Hill Giant Rare
Archfiends 57 Vampire Aristocrat Rare
Blood War 14 Bralani Eladrin Rare
Blood War 43 Red Hand War Sorcerer Uncommon
Dangerous Delves 2 Arbalester Uncommon
Dangerous Delves 3 Aspect of Vecna Rare
Dangerous Delves 5 Beholder Eye Tyrant Rare
Dangerous Delves 6 Berbalang Uncommon
Dangerous Delves 10 Bonechill Chimera Rare
Dangerous Delves 11 Chain Devil Rare
Dangerous Delves 19 Githzerai Zerth Rare
Dangerous Delves 24 Harpy Rare
Dangerous Delves 25 Hellstinger Scorpion Rare
Dangerous Delves 26 Hippogriff Uncommon
Dangerous Delves 38 Xen'drik Drow Stingblade Rare
Dangerous Delves 40 Yaun-ti Fangblade Uncommon
Deathknell 1 Champion of Yondalla Rare
Deathknell 23 Renegade Warlock Uncommon
Demonweb 21 Shadow Flayer Rare
Demonweb 25 Concord Illithid Rare
Demonweb 36 Scythejaw Uncommon
Demonweb 59 Girallon Rare
Demonweb 60 Iron Dragon Prowler Rare
Desert of Desolation 3 Dwarf Brawler Uncommon
Desert of Desolation 19 Halfling Rogue Uncommon
Desert of Desolation 21 Mercenary General Rare
Desert of Desolation 43 Naga Rare
Desert of Desolation 45 Drider Rare
Desert of Desolation 52 Ogre Brute Rare
Dragoneye 1 Cleric of Moradin Uncommon
Dragoneye 6 Lion Falcon Monk Rare
Dragoneye 39 Urthok the Vicious Uncommon
Dragoneye 41 Carrion Crawler Rare
Dragoneye 51 Eye of Gruumsh Rare
Dragoneye 53 Harpy Uncommon
Dragoneye 58 Red Samurai Uncommon
Dungeons of Dread 4 Halfling Paladin Uncommon
Dungeons of Dread 9 Young Red Dragon Rare
Dungeons of Dread 25 Balhannoth Rare
Dungeons of Dread 26 Mind Flayer Scourge Rare
Dungeons of Dread 28 Vampire Vizier Rare
Dungeons of Dread 37 Dire Wolf Uncommon
Dungeons of Dread 44 Emerald Orb Wizard Rare
Dungeons of Dread 46 Spectral Magelord Rare
Dungeons of Dread 49 Runecarved Eidolon Rare
Dungeons of Dread 57 Hook Horror Uncommon
Giants of Legend 17 Half-Giant Psychic Warrior Rare
Giants of Legend 38 Rakshasa Rare
Giants of Legend 53 Lich Necromancer Rare
Giants of Legend 54 Minotaur Rare
Harbinger 4 Ember, Human Monk Uncommon
Harbinger 5 Evoker's Apprentice Uncommon
Harbinger 7 Hound Archon Rare
Harbinger 8 Human Commoner Common
Harbinger 9 Large Earth Elemental Rare
Harbinger 12 Sword of Heironeous Rare
Harbinger 15 Arcane Archer Rare
Harbinger 16 Axe Sister Uncommon
Harbinger 22 Elf Pyromancer Rare
Harbinger 23 Elf Ranger Uncommon
Harbinger 26 Krusk, Half-Orc Barbarian Uncommon
Harbinger 27 Lidda, Halfling Rogue Uncommon
Harbinger 35 Lizardfolk Uncommon
Harbinger 37 Wolf Common
Harbinger 38 Thri-Kreen Ranger Rare
Harbinger 40 Bearded Devil Rare
Harbinger 45 Human Blackguard Rare
Harbinger 47 Human Thug Uncommon
Harbinger 49 Medusa Rare
Harbinger 51 Mummy Rare
Harbinger 53 Wraith Rare
Harbinger 54 Owlbear Rare
Harbinger 56 Troglodyte Zombie Uncommon
Harbinger 59 Cleric of Gruumsh Rare
Harbinger 61 Drow Cleric of Lolth Rare
Harbinger 65 Half-Orc Assassin Uncommon
Harbinger 69 Large Fire Elemental Rare
Harbinger 70 Minotaur Rare
Harbinger 71 Ogre Rare
Harbinger 73 Orc Berserker Uncommon
Harbinger 74 Orc Spearfighter Common

Harbinger 77 Troll Rare
Harbinger 78 Umber Hulk Rare
Legendary Evils 2 Air Archon Zephyrhaunt Rare
Legendary Evils 7 Bolraza, Priestress of Bane Rare
Legendary Evils 11 Doomdreamer Common
Legendary Evils 19 Foulspawn Seer Rare
Legendary Evils 30 Psychic Sentinel Rare
Legendary Evils 38 Talon Slaad Rare
Lords of Madness 9 Deva Fanatic Rare
Lords of Madness 24 Kalliroth, Githyanki Pirate Very Rare
Lords of Madness 27 Kobold Slinger Common
Lords of Madness 32 Nalfeshnee Tyrant Rare
Lords of Madness 34 Neogi Slaver Rare
Lords of Madness 37 Orc Warchief Rare
Lords of Madness 43 Shadar-Kai Witch Rare
Lords of Madness 44 Shardmind Dominator Rare
Lords of Madness 46 Spell Weaver Rare
Lords of Madness 49 Swordwing Rare
Lords of Madness 59 Zhent Champion Uncommon
Night Below 26 Aspect of Loviatar Rare
Night Below 38 Mind Flayer Lich Rare
Night Below 43 Krenshar Uncommon
Night Below 52 Frost Giant Jarl Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Arcane Heroes 4 4 Female Human Avenger Very Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Divine Heroes 2 5 Warforged Cleric Very Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Divine Heroes 3 7 Female Human Cleric Very Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Martial Heroes 3 10 Male Dragonborn Warlord Very Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Martial Heroes 3 11 Female Elf Fighter Very Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Martial Heroes 3 12 Male Gnome Rogue Very Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Martial Heroes 4 13 Female Human Warlord Very Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Martial Heroes 4 14 Male Shifter Ranger Very Rare
PHB Heroes: Series 2 - Martial Heroes 4 15 Male Tiefling Fighter Very Rare
Savage Encounters 5 Bloodspike Behemoth Rare
Savage Encounters 8 Bullywug Mug Lord Rare
Savage Encounters 10 Death Knight (Dragonborn Paladin) Rare
Savage Encounters 15 Githyanki Mindslicer Rare
Savage Encounters 16 Goblin Reaver Common
Savage Encounters 19 Graz'zt Rare
Savage Encounters 21 Hobgoblin Hand of Bane Rare
Savage Encounters 25 Marilith Rare
Savage Encounters 31 Savage Minotaur Uncommon
Savage Encounters 38 Vampire Guildmaster Rare
Underdark 19 Halfling Sneak Common
Underdark 21 Rikka, Angelic Avenger Rare
Unhallowed 8 Shield Guardian Rare
Unhallowed 9 Stone Giant Runecarver Rare
Unhallowed 22 Pseudodragon Uncommon
Unhallowed 47 Ultroloth Rare
Unhallowed 58 Tiefling Warlock Uncommon
War of the Dragon Queen 55 Epic Sorcerer on Black Dragon Rare
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Re: Looking for D&D Minis, Pathfinder

Post by Addictedtodice » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:07 am

Do you need the cards as well?

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