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[H] D&D Prepainted, Misc WM/H, MonPoc, Bones [W] Trollbloods/Legion/Cryx/Misc. PP and PPM

Post by Nyarlathotep333 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:02 pm

Updated with revisions 12/09/17

Hello Bartertown! My wife and I are learning the game and many of my wants will find a way into my IKRPG campaign. As such, Iron Kingdoms RPG and WM/H stuff are higher priority than the prepainted stuff on my wants list.
  • Most Importantly: I am generally NOT interested in old sculpts or metal minis for any given model if a plastic version or newer sculpt of that model is available.
  • I am NOT interested in bulk sales of my prepainted stuff…I’m in no hurry to move them at bulk prices and would prefer to trade them for my other wants instead.
  • I am NOT interested in purchasing miniatures currently (due to budget), though I am happy using PayPal to shore up a trade if needed. I just can't afford to spend a lot at the moment. I can sell the items on my Haves list at half retail for the Warmachine/Hordes and 15% off of market prices for the prepainted minis (abPrices.com low price) and other items.
  • I won't value painted models at a higher cost...I'm just going to be stripping and repainting them in most cases.
  • The Heavy Box (multi) kits I am interested in do not have to be unopened, but I highly prefer unassembled models with all the parts included – I like to magnetize things.
  • At this time I don't want to ship outside the USA, sorry.
  • Standard BT Rules for shipping (lowest rating ships first). However I may decline a trade or insist you ship first if you don't have any current refs (within the past year or so) since I'm not as comfortable sending first in those circumstances.
Warmachine/Hordes Haves:

NOTE: None of these have MK3 cards unless noted. A few of these are currently missing bases. I will try and find appropriate sized bases for them before I trade them but will notify you in the PM if I can’t. NIB models may have wear on the boxes, but the models themselves are new.

Convergence of Cyriss:
Father Lucant, Divinity Architect (metal, NIB)

Kaya the Wildborne (plastic, unassembled, new loose) - PENDING
Feral Warpwolf (plastic, unassembled, new loose) - PENDING
Argus (plastic, unassembled, new loose) - PENDING

Bane Lord Tartarus (metal, NIB)
Black Ogrun Boarding Party - ONLY ONE FIGURE (metal, new loose)
Deathripper x2 (metal, painted to tabletop - removed from the bases, one needs leg reattached)
Deathripper x2 (metal, unassembled, primed white, some with partial paint)
Defiler x2 (metal, unassembled, primed white, some with partial paint)
Leviathan (metal, painted to tabletop)
Pistol Wraith (metal NIB)
Seether (metal, partially assembled, primed black)
Skarlock Thrall (metal NIB)
Slayer (metal, partially assembled, primed black)

Juggernaut (plastic, assembled, some paint)
Kommander Sorcha (plastic, new loose, unassembled)
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich (metal, NIB)
Marauder (metal NIB - w/ extra left arm)
Orsus Zoktavir, the Butcher (metal, NIB)

Blighted Nyss Shepherd (metal, stripped, assembled but has broken staff arm at the wrist)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd (metal, NIB)
Blighted Nyss Warlord (metal, NIB)
Carnivean (plastic, assembled)
Grotesque Assassin (metal, assembled but needs arm glued back on, primed black)
Kallus, Wrath of Everblight (metal, NIB)
Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight (plastic, assembled)
Lylyth, Herald of Everblight Warlock (plastic, new loose, unassembled)
Lylyth, Herald of Everblight Warlock (plastic, assembled)
Saeryn & Rhyas, Talons of Everblight (metal, NIB)
Shredder x5 (plastic, assembled)
Shredder x2 (plastic, new in bag)
Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (metal & resin, NIB)

Rocinate Upgrade Kit (metal, NIB)
Alexia Ciannor (no risen – metal, off of base, painted)

Protectorate of Menoth:
Castigator (metal, NIB)
Crusader (metal, unassembled)
Exemplar Cinerators (5) x3 (plastic, unassembled, NIB-still in baggies, no box)
Reckoner (metal, NIB)
Redeemer (metal, partially assembled, primed white, some paint)

MK3 Battle Box minis (plastic, assembled – some paint on the bases)
Braylen Wanderheart (metal, assembled) - PENDING
Fell Caller (metal, NIB)
Fell Caller Hero (metal, UNA)
Hunter's Grim (metal, assembled - missing bottle for Muggs)
Hunters Grim (metal, assembled) - PENDING
Janissa Stonetide (metal, NIB - has MK3 card)
Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (metal, NIB)
Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain (variant, metal, NIB)
Madrak Ironhide, World Ender x2 (metal, NIB)
Pyre Troll (plastic, assembled, partially painted)
Rok Upgrade Kit (metal, NIB)
Stone Scribe Elder x2 (metal, NIB)
Storm Troll (plastic, assembled, partially painted) - PENDING
Troll Axer x2 (plastic, new loose, unassembled, some with primer/paint)
Troll Bouncer (plastic, NIB)
Troll Impaler (plastic, new loose, unassembled)
Troll Impalers x4 (plastic, NIB)
Trollkin Runebearer (metal, NIB)
Trollkin Runeshapers (metal, NIB - has MK3 card)

Trollkin Champions (metal, partially assembled, some paint) - these need a little TLC. One has the head of his hammer broken, most need arms re-glued, and there are a bunch of misc. bits that were in the Ziploc bag I got them in that I've no clue about.

Reaper Bones Haves:
77381: Dragons Don't Share - 2014 Edition (New in box)
77380: Khanjira the World Breaker x2 (New in box)

Monsterpocalypse Haves:

All are new in plastic baggies unless noted otherwise.

Lords of Cthul
Ultra Ancient Osheroth (with morpher units) x2

Martian Menace
Ultra Galaxius-4 (with morpher units) x4
Ares Mothership (with Ultra – unbagged)
Ares Mothership (with Ultra – Ultra is unbagged, Mothership is bagged but needs re-gluing to the base)

Planet Eaters
Gorghadra (with Ultra)

Shadow Sun Syndicate
Ultra Zor-Macros (with morpher units) x2
Zor-Maxim (with Ultra)
Zor-Maxim (with Ultra – unbagged…Zor-Maxim needs to be straightened out with a hair dryer.)

Ultra Tyrranix (with morpher units) x3
Armodax (with Ultra)
Mega Terra Khan promo

Krakenoctus (with Ultra)
Anglax (with Ultra)

UberCorp International
Mega Cyber Khan promo

Insurance Company Headquarters x2

Dungeons & Dragons prepainted minis (DDM) Haves:

Beholder box set (New in box)

Goblin Sneak
Kobold Warrior
Orc Archer x3
Skeleton x2
Sun Soul Initiate
Zombie x2

Cleric of Moradin
Drow Wizard x2
Goblin Skirmisher x5
Goblin Warrior x7
Kobold Skirmisher x3

Cursed Spirit x2
Drow Sergeant
Graycloak Ranger
Medium Earth Elemental
Mialee, Elf Wizard
Warrior Skeleton x2
Young Minotaur

Giants of Legend:
Bugbear Footpad
Displacer Serpent
Drow Fighter
Gnoll Sergeant
Lich Necromancer
Lizardfolk Rogue x2
Regdar, Adventurer

Bariaur Ranger
Bladebearer Hobgoblin x2
Crow Shaman
Elf Warrior x3
Emerald Claw Soldier
Frenzied Berserker
Gnoll Skeleton x2
Gnoll x3
Hill Dwarf Warrior
Kobold Champion x3
Kobold Sorcerer
Mountain Orc
Orc Sergeant x2

Burning Skeleton
Celestial Dire Badger
Dire Bear
Flind Captain
Goblin Adept
Orc Savage x2
Skeletal Dwarf x2
Spellstitched Hobgoblin Zombie
Timber Wolf x5
Undying Soldier x3
Whirling Steel Monk

Abyssal Skulker
Bugbear Champion of Erythnul
Caravan Guard
Kobold Soldier x4
Skeletal Archer x2
Xeph Warrior x2

Artemis Entreri
Dark Creeper
Dire Bat
Drow Arcane Guard
Githzerai Monk x2
Gold Dwarf Soldier
Kobold Miner x8
Lolth’s Sting x5
Nentyar Hunter
Orc Skeleton
Skeletal Equiceph
Slayer of Domiel
Spider of Lolth
Spirit Folk Fighter
Swarm of Spiders x2
Troglodyte Barbarian

War Drums:
Arcanix Guard x2
Blood Ghost Berserker
Elemental Wall
Goblin Blackblade x2
Goblin Underboss
Hobgoblin Archer x4
Horde Zombie x2
Howling Orc x3
Hunting Cougar x2
Karrnathi Zombie
Orc Mauler x4
Sacred Watcher x2
Skeletal Legionnaire x3
Snig, Worg Rider
Steelheart Archer
Troglodyte Thug x2
Warforged Scout x2

War of the Dragon Queen:
Diseased Dire Rat
Doom Fist Monk
Dread Warrior x2
Huge Fiendish Spider
Storm Archer
Tavern Brawler
War Weaver

Blood War:
Demonic Gnoll Priestess
Dragonmark Heir of Deneith x2
Dwarf Sniper x2
Fiendish Snake
Free League Ranger
Gnoll Barbarian x3
Hero of Valhalla x2
Kobold Monk x3
Red Hand War Sorcerer
Shadowdancer x3
Skeletal Reaper

Blessed Hunter
Bugbear Gang Leader x2
Count Strahd
Dark Talon Champion x2
Devotee of the Silver Flame
Duergar Slaver
Dwarf Battlerager x3
Gravetouched Ghoul x3
Graypeak Goblin Archer x5
Knight of the Chalice
Pentifex Monolith
Rat Swarm x2
Strahd Zombie x2
Tiefling Warlock
Tsucora Quori
Wild Elf Warsinger x6
Wizard of Turmish

Night Below:
Assassin x2
Bluespawn Ambusher x4
Carnage Demon x4
Darkmantle x5
Delver Sergeant x5
Drow Enforcer x3
Gnoll Claw Fighter x5
Greater Barghest
Greenspawn Zealot
Greyhawk City Militia Sergeant x5
Guard of Mithral Hall x2
Hobgoblin Marshal x8
Ice Mephit
Kalashtar Bodyguard x3
Kobold Trapmaker x7
Kuo-Toa Hunter x3
Kuo-Toa Whip x2
Medusa Archer x3
Prisoner x4
Shadowbane Inquisitor
Verdant Reaver

Desert of Desolation:
Boneshard Skeleton x3
Cliffwalk Archer x2
Drow Blademaster
Farmer x2
Militia Archer x3
Ravenous Ghoul
Shrieking Harpy
Snaketongue Cultist

Dungeons of Dread:
Chillborn x4
Dire Wolf x2 (1 NIB)
Drow Spiderguard
Drow Wand Mage
Elf Archer x6
Everfrost Ranger x2
Giant Centipede
Gnoll Marauder
Goblin Picador x2
Grick x3
Halfling Paladin
Ice Archon x2
Iron Defender x3
Kobold Archer x4
Magma Brute
Orc Raider x2
Shadowhunter Bat
Tiefling Warlock
Troglodyte Bonecrusher x3
Vampire Spawn
Warrior Wight

Against the Giants:
Cave Bear
Degenerate Cultist of Orcus x2
Doresain, the Ghoul King
Dwarf Warsword x2
Feybound Halfling
Flamescorched Kobold
Galeb Duhr x2
Goblin Runner x3
Golden Wyvern Initiate
Hobgoblin Guard
Ochre Jelly x3
Ravenous Dire Rat
Thunderblast Cyclone

Bugbear Warrior
Corruption Corpse
Deathlock Wight x2
Dire Bear Mauler
Drow Adventurer
Drow Assassin x2
Human Bandit
Lolthbound Goblin
Phaseweb Spider
Sharn Redcloak x3

Dangerous Delves:
Gnoll Huntmaster x2
Goblin Delver
Goblin Sharpshooter x3
Grimlock Minion x4
Kobold Wyrmpriest
Kruthik Young
Minotaur Battle Shaman x2
Orc Terrorblade x3

Legendary Evils:
Air Archon Zephyrhaunt
Earth Archon Rumbler
Goblin Cutter
Human Rabble x3 (1 with factory defect – warped base)
Minotaur Thug x2

Savage Encounters:
Death Knight (Dragonborn Paladin) (NIB)
Deathrattle Viper x4
Githyanki Gish (NIB)
Githyanki Mindslicer (NIB)
Goblin Skullcleaver x2
Goblin Wolf Rider x3
Greenvise Vine x3
Savage Minotaur
Skeletal Tiefling
Tiefling Necromancer x2 (NIB)

Lords of Madness:
Dragonborn Elementalist (NIB)
Fettered Dracolich
Iron Golem Juggernaut
Kobold Slinger x4
Manshoon (NIB)
Minotaur Mangler x2
Neogi Slaver x2 (1 NIB)
Orc Archer x3
Shardmind Dominator
Skeleton x5
Thri-Kreen Mantis Warrior (NIB)
Water Archon Shoal Reaver
Young Volcanic Dragon

Starter Set (Basic Game):
Harpy x2
Human Fighter
Warrior Skeleton x3
Young Minotaur

Gnaw Demon x2
Mad Slasher (GMR3) x6 (NIB)

Pathfinder Battles Haves:

Heroes & Monsters:
Goblin Hero (blue)
Goblin Warrior (blue)
Lizardfolk Champion x3

Reign of Winter:
Goblin Alchemist
Radosek Pavril

Dungeons Deep:
Cruel Conjurer

We Be Goblins:
Goblin Commando

World of Warcraft Miniatures Haves:
Only interested in selling these as a lot.

*NOTE* These should have all their cards but I would need to double check to make sure. All are loose unless noted. A few may need hot water fixes where the plastic has bent - NONE have broken pieces though.I do have the instructions and posters that came with the starter, along with 3 Horde and 3 Alliance bases. Missing the dice though.

Bogstrok Razorclaw - R
Storm Rager - R
Dagg'um Ty'gor - R
2 Crashing Wave Spirit (1 still sealed) - C
Tempest-Forge Destroyer - C
Ironfur Bear - C

Sha'do - R
Ji'lan - C
Za' zu the Grizzled - C
Mojo Shaper Ojo'mon - C

Haruka Skycaller - R
Najan Spiritbinder - C
Radak Doombringer - C

Blood Elf:
Celenias Firemane - C
Lotherin - C

Irana - C

Parvink - R
Ruby Gemsparkle - C

Warmachine/Hordes WANTS:

WM/H Bits:
Khador Decimator gun arm
Trollblood Warders leg armor plates (need all 6)

Trollbloods: (all are high priority…help me finish my faction!)
Borka, Vengeance of the Rimeshaws
Kolgrima Stonetruth
Madrak, Great Chieftain
Northkin Bear Handler & Battle Bears
Northkin Elder
Northkin Raiders
Northkin Shaman
Thumper/Pummeler Crew Kit
Valka Curseborn

Legion: (all are high priority…help me finish my faction!)
Annyssa Ryvaal
Bethayne, Voice of Everblight and Belphagor
Blighted Nyss Hex Hunters
Blighted Nyss Raptors
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion
Craelix, Fang of Everblight
Fyanna, Torment of Everblight
Grotesque Banshees
Grotesque Raiders
Kallus, Devastation of Everblight
Spawning Vessel
Stinger x2
Strider Scout Officer & Musician
Warmonger War Chief

Caine's Hellslingers
Colbie Sterling (regular version)
Croe's Cutthroats
Devil Dogs – only need 2 grunts to make a max unit (low priority)
Dirty Meg
Eilish Garrity, the Occultist
Harlan Versh
Kell Bailoch
Madelyn Corbeau (high priority)
Mariner (low priority)
Ogrun Assault Corps (low priority)
Sea Dog Pirates (low priority)
Steelhead Riflemen
Talon x2 (high priority)
The Devil's Shadow Mutineers (high priority)
Thorn Gun Mages (low priority)

Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters (low priority)
Dannon Blythe & Bull
Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter
Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr
Swamp Gobber River Raiders
Thrullg x3 (high priority)

Cryx: (All are lower priority unless noted)
Bane Thrall Officer and Standard
Blackbane's Ghost Raiders
Bloat Thrall Overseer Mobius
Captain Rengrave
Carrion Thralls (high priority)
Corruptor/Reaper/Slayer Kit
Corruptor/Reaper/Malice-Cryx Heavy Warjack Kit
Erebus upgrade kit
Hellslinger Phantom
Iron Lich Overseer
Malice upgrade kit
Pistol Wraith Variant
Satyxis Blood Hag
Satyxis Gunslingers
Skarlock Commander
Slayer/Erebus-Cryx Heavy Warjack Kit
Withershadow Combine

Grymkin: (all are lower priority – just using them for IKRPG)
Cask Imp
Glimmer Imp
Lady Karianna Rose
Twilight Sisters

Company of Iron
Agata or the Farrow half of the 2-Player Box (lower priority than my other WM/H wants) I would possibly be interested in the full 2-player box with Cygnar as well, though mostly I just want the rules and the Farrow.

Kickstarter (must be NIB with cards and coin – lower priority)
Khador — Kovnik Andrei Malakov
Protectorate of Menoth — Initiate Tristan Durant
Mercenaries — Gastone Crosse
Cygnar/Cryx — Commander Dalin Sturgis/Sturgis the Corrupted (complete with both options)

Iron Kingdoms RPG / IK Games:
Five Fingers: Port of Deceit (D&D 3.5)
Unleashed: Skorne Empire
Unleashed Wild Adventure
The Undercity: Black River Irregulars

Iron Kingdoms RPG Minis: (most are lower priority)
Bastian Kinnet - Battle Chaplain of Morrow
Curator and Infernal Discerning Beast
Daniera Madise - Cleric of Morrow
Father Dumas, the Witchfire Trilog
Gamack Redhammer - Dwarven Mechanik
Grindak Bloodbreath, Trollkin Adventurer
Hemrick Groot, Rhulic Second-Story Man
Jhureen Hecatha, Satyxis Raider
Julian Helstrom, the Witchfire Trilogy
King Vinter Raelthorne IV
Lazar Grigsov, Khadoran Rifleman
Lord Vyros, Iosan Eldritch & Sythyss
Okoru Hargrosh, Ogrun Fighter
Seth Alkot, Monster Hunter
Tomb Maiden (high priority)
Umbral Assassin
Umbral Sorcerer
Umbral Warrior
Vahn Oberen

Misc. Other Stuff WANTS:
These are all of interest to me, however since there can be a lot of variation with different product lines, etc. please contact me and let me know what you have. I may or may not be interested depending on the design, detail, etc.
  • -- Base Inserts or round-lipped Resin Bases (30mm, 40mm, 50mm, and 120mm)
  • -- Colored Maple Leaf Scatter, fall and spring/summer colors OK
  • -- Head bits with gas masks (not too futuristic looking – must fit into the Iron Kingdoms setting)
  • -- Super well detailed resin/plastic crates (possibly barrels too) for making terrain and scenery
Reaper Chronoscope Miniatures WANTS: (metal much preferred over Bones)
Belle, Steampunk Heroine
Benedict Baker
Dr Klaus Koenig
Dr. Ervin Friedman, Mad Scientist
Jackhammer, Supervillain
Olav Gunderson, Dwarf Gambler
Professor L.T. Froschmeister, Scientist
Racquel Blackrose, Buccaneer
Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser
Willy Brassbender

Pathfinder Battles WANTS:

Special Releases/Promos:
Bone Priest
Burning Brazier
Goblin Raider
Kobold Devilspeaker
Reta Bridesmaid

Iconic Heroes:
Biter, Badger Animal Companion
Crowe, Human Bloodrager
Daji, Animal Companion
Hayato Nakayama, Human
Kolo, Spirit Animal
Leryn, Animal Companion
Lirianne, Half-Elf Gunslinger
Reiko, Human Ninja

Undead Horde:
Mummy Lord

We Be Goblins:

Heroes & Monsters:
Goblin Warrior (Red)
Goblin Hero (Red)

Rise of the Runelords:
Denizen of Leng x4
Goblin Commando
Jaagrath Kreeg
Ogre Brute
Treachery Demon

Shattered Star:
Alchemical Golem
Gug x2
Hell Hound x3
Mummy Cleric
Natalya Vancaskerkin
Nightgaunt x2
Shadow Hound
Skeletal Champion

Skull & Shackles:
Brinebones, Skeletal Dragon
Brinebrood Queen
Drowning Devil
Grindylow x6
Pirate Sailor
Pirate Smuggler
The Eel
The Whale

Legends of Golarion:
Degenerate Serpentfolk x4
Moon Beast x2
Serpentfolk High Priest
Serpentfolk Mystic
Toad Demon
Ulat-Kini x4

Wrath of the Righteous:
Demonic Familiar
Lost Soul

Reign of Winter:
Zombie Panther

Lost Coast:
Boggard Warrior x4
Goblin Mutant

Dungeons Deep:
Bone Golem
Bubbling Cauldron
Burning Brazier x2
Dire Boar
Elder Thing
Gnoll Spellcaster
Mouth Horror
Sarcophagus x6

Rusty Dragon Inn:
Dancing Girl
Draft Horse
Dwarf Bard
Flesh Golem
Kobold Devilspeaker
Riding Dog
Riding Horse
Serving Girl
Silver Dragon
The Rusty Dragon Bar

Deadly Foes:
Doppelganger x4
Lemure x4
Spawn of Cthulhu x2

Crown of Fangs:
Bone Devil
Doctor Davaulus
Dream Spider
Emperor's Thug
Fungal Guardian
Geist x2
Giant Scorpion
Giant Scorpion
Giant Spider
Gnome Executioner
Grave Monument
Halfling Archer
Monstrous Skeleton
Skeleton Cavalry
Skeleton Champion
Skeleton Infantry
Skeleton Spearman

D&D Minis WANTS:

Tyranny of Dragons:
Doppleganger x3

Elemental Evil:
Fire Bat x4
Ghoul x2
Water Elemental

Rage of Demons:
Dretch Demon
Kobold Guard
Kuo-Toa Archpriest
Kuo-Toa x4
Red Dracolich
Shadow Beholder
White Dracolich

Monster Menagerie:
Mummy x4
Phase Spider
Strahd Zombie

Storm King's Thunder:
Hellhound x3

Monster Menagerie 2:
Black Pudding
Ezmerelda's Wagon w/ Horse
Giant Rat

Tomb of Annihilation:
Giant Scorpion
Lower rating pays/ships first, standard B-Town practice. If we are particularly close in refs we can discuss a simul-send. I also reserve the right to ask people without newer refs to pay/ship first.

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