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W: Painted Models/Painter Partnerships H: Magnets, $, Models

Post by The Magnet Baron » Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:29 am

Hey Painters of Bartertown,
I'm the owner over at TheMagnetBaron.com and I'm coming up on convention season and am in need of some more models for my tables.
Rounding out my collection of flight stand displays and building up a collection for movement trays.
If you have a well painted cluster of infantry hit me up with it even if I didn't listit. I'll list what I've already got below for reference.

I'd be happy to put business cards and the like next to your models and refer anyone that asks. Plenty of people ask who painted my models.
In exchange, I would like a discount on the services, I understand how much work goes into your painting and what your skills are worth, so I never ask for professionally painted models for free. I am also happy to trade product for models.

I'm also looking for a sculptor for a few random projects, PM for details if you have sculpting skills.


I'm looking for the following that are well painted in great condition.

Chaos Heldrake-flight stand must not be glued into the model.
Imperial Guard 10 Guardsman, Catachan would be preferred.
Dark Eldar Tantalus
Dark Eldar Ravager
Dark Eldar Tallos/Cronos
Dark Eldar Cabalite Warriors/Wyches
Dark Eldar Scourges
Dark Eldar Hellions
20 Ork Boyz on 32mm bases
Space Marine Bikers 3-6
Space Marines 5 Hellblasters
Space Marines Landspeeder
Space Marines Repulser Tank
Dark Angels Darkshroud/Vengeance
Tau Hammerhead/Devilfish

Endless spells painted, core spells, I don’t play any of the factions for the specific ones yet.
Idoneth Deepkin Army
Heavy leaning in the Eels and Sharks. This one I prefer to trade for rather than buy.

Sword of Ice & Fire (Well painted again)
Night’s Watch-Whole thing, I haven’t started yet.

As far as models I already have for movement tray displays:
Arkanought Company KO
Pox Walkers
Guardians, Rangers, Storm Guardians

Quick reference for trade, I'm posting a full trade post in the 40k trade section if you wan the list/pictures.
Vostroyan army-130 metal models
Guard tanks, Female Commissar, Female Catachan Rogue Trader
Sylvaneth Army
Beastclaw Raiders Army
Revenant Titan

Happy magnetizing!
The Magnet Baron
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