Magnetize My Models Please, Paint if you can

Need a painter? converter?
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Magnetize My Models Please, Paint if you can

Post by The Magnet Baron » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:58 am

Hey Painters and Magnetizers!

If you can magnetize OR you’re a great painter, I need you. You don’t have to do both, I’d be thrilled to find either. I have too much work for the 2 painters I’ve got right now and beyond too much magnetizing work for them.
(I run and need display models, so if you want some advertising, we can work something out)
I’m looking for someone who can do the following;
Magnetize models! No painting required!
Baneblade, magnetized to be all options converted to be a Vostroyan Baneblade
Imperial Knight to be all options converted to be a Vostroyan Baneblade with poofy hat
Revenant Titan to be collapsible and transportable
Carnifex for all weapon, head, back, and tail options
12 Skywardens (Kharadron Overlords)

Build Only

This is my quick list of just magnetizing, I’ve got quite a bit more. Send me some examples to:
Let me know some example prices as well for your best work.

If you're a painter and you want a source for magnets and flight stands, I'm your man! I'll make sure you get the best deal and you get them when you need them!

Thanks for looking!
Super Magnets for the best prices!
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