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H:FOW, BA W:DZC,DFC, Jyhad/VTES,, Arkham Horror BG, Doomtown, FOW, Mi

Post by ChaplinXavier » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:11 am

I have the following: US Only

Bolt action

waffen SS box x2 (metal)
Infantry box
FJ box. Plastic


new release US in NIB
105 artillery box
m3 stuart box
mortar plt
1917mmg plt
m4 armored mortar plt
37mm AAA Plt.

US- army-


4 3in arty
2 armoured rifle plts
17 m5 stuarts
4 Jumbo Sherman tanks
10 75mm sherman tanks
3 57mm anti tank guns
4 land matresses
12 halftracks
4 105 howitzer (metal, do not think BF)

Battlefront desert buildings:
2 large
4 small (2 each, of different style)
misc European buildings by JR miniatures. solid
3 or 4 buildings by Kerr and King and train car terrain peice

Germans-all older metal and resin for the most part
Alot of infantry stands, HMG etc

6 pak 40
4 mortar teams
2 brummbar
6 Horsch 15
8 Panzer III
3 SDKFZ 250/1
10 stug G
15 sdkfz 251 halftrack

British-all new in blisters, a bit beat up, but look complete.

BR803 Airlanding PLT
BR722 Rifle Platoon
br724 Machine gun Platoon
BR793 Commando Platoon
BR 882 Brigadier Peter Young with commando platoon
BR 704 Machine Gun Platoon
BR 705 Mortar Platoon
BR 706 Pioneer Platoon
BR213 Mortar Carrier
BRAB02 Special items (has universal carriers
BR212 OP, MMG Carrier
BR705 Mortar Platoon
BRAB02 speical Items (arty HQ looks like)
xx880 Infantry Aces

2 British Hurricane aircraft-not in box, but not assembled, not painted. older resin ones on smaller bases


US Only Please

I am looking for the following:

Promo items, playmats, tins etc

Premium core set (the one with the wooden box)

Looking for a well rounded collection, not just a bunch of commons/uncommons.

Imperial assault, just need sets starting with Jabba's Palace release until present

Star wars Armada-need most imperial, non starter set also looking for some rebels, mostly later waves

X-wing-just looking for wave 11 until now

Arkham Horror
Kingsport Horror
Innsmouth Horror

Battlegroup rules from PSC

Dropfleet commander
2 player starter box
stuff to expand the 2 player stater fleets

Dropzone Commander
units to expand UCM and Scourge and resistance


4ground etc.

might consider other armys

Blood Bowl
Special characters -Prefer newest release
any CURRENT plastic teams other than Orcs, humans, dwarfs or skaven
special pitches.


game mats, anything else that scales well and works well with Malifaux.

Looking for new 2E plastics only, Prefer on sprue. if assembled, unpainted only.

Starter set

Guild Perdita crew in particular, and stuff that works with her. will consider others

Cross Road seven
night terrors
Datsue Ba & Seishin
The Drowned
Necro punks
Graveyard spirit
yin-The penangalan
Anna Lovelace
The mercy of death crew
Sheild bearers
Bone Piles
Little Gassers

Wabbit rider
Swamp hag box
Hog Whisper

Books for 2E[/b]
Shifting Loyalties

Wii controllers with built in motion plus

Wii U and and Wii games
Zelda games
Mario games
Mario cart Wii
good 2 player games.

Nintendo switch games (other than Zelda BOTW, and Skyrim)

Co-op board/card games that can be played with 2 people

Flames of war
Battlefront desert buildings (other than large small)
other desert terrain
Battlefront rural roads and expansions
new Double sided gaming mat from Battlefront
Battlefront Train Track expansion
Battle front Train buildings.

Humber III x2
8th army motor plt

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