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H: FOW, TY, MW, Books, Terrain, Dice W: PayPal

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H: FOW, TY, MW, Books, Terrain, Dice W: PayPal

Post by Foxbat711 » Sat May 20, 2017 1:05 am

I have the following items for sale.... USPS Priority or UPS Shipping is additional and is based on total weight.... Everything is new and unused as received from vendor unless otherwise specified..... Feel free to ask questions..... Pictures available upon request..... I will entertain offers…. Thanks....

FW222 Devil's Charge, New, $5
FW227 Desperate Measures, New, $5
FW241 Desert Rats, New $16
FW242 Afrika Korps, New $16

FW905 Team Yankee, New $15
FWP001 Colours Of War, New $16
WD101 Diving Eagles, New $16

Fretts Tournament Army Tray, New, $45
Terrain Guy 5’ x 8’ Desert Mat, New, $40
Terrain Guy 5’ x 8’ Grass Mat, $40

Flames of War TD006 British 7th Armoured Division, New $34
Flames of War TD024 82nd Airborne, New $34
Flames of War TD026A Fallschirmjager Add On Tokens $14

Dice of War Tin and Dice(16) Set US Army (Winter Version) New $22
Dice of War Tin and Dice(16) Set Generic German SS, New $22
Dice of War Tin and Dice(16) Set Soviet Armor (Green Dice w/Red Star) w/Extra 16 Dice, $30
Dice of War Tin and Dice(16) Set German Falllschirmjager, New $22
Dice of War Tin and Dice(16) Set US Army (Team Yankee Version) New $22

FOW Army Bag Velcro Patch, 82nd US Airborne, New $9

AC007 P-47 Thunderbolt, Primed, $9

BR901 Desert Rats Token Set, New $8

BB115 Italian Monastery, New $25
BB117 Rural Roads, New $30
BB122 Dust Clouds, New $18
BB137 Rural Farm Buildings, New $18
BB139 Rural Russian Church, New $30
BB141 Cobblestone Roads, New $35
BB145 Small Pine Woods (Winter), New (Three Boxes) $30 Each
BB146 Frozen Ponds (Winter), New $20
BB147 Snowdrifts (Winter), $20
BB150 Bastogne Church, New $40
BB152 Carentan House, New $20
BB155 Dieppe House, New $20
BB156 Cherbourg House, New $20
BB157 Antwerp House, $20
BB173-A Terrace House (Alternate Paint Scheme), New $40
BB174 Corner Shop, New $40
BB180 Italian Houses, New $18
BB187 Jungle Bushes $16 ea. (Three boxes)
BB188 Modern Roads, New (Two Boxes) $30 each
BB189 Modern Roads Expansion, New $30
BB190 Oil Tanks, New $20
BB192 Team Yankee Factory, New $32
BB198-A Steelworks Factory (Alternate Paint Scheme), New $40
BB201 Café, New $40
BB201-A Café (Alternate Paint Scheme), New $40
BB202-A Estate House (Alternate Paint Scheme), New $40
BB208 Caen Church, New $40
BB209 Mechanics Workshop, New $28
BB215 Medium Desert House, New $22
BB218 Desert Palms, (Two Boxes) $22 ea.
BB222 Small Desert Houses, New $22

BB510 Small Pine Wood, New $28
BB511 Large Pine Wood, New $28
BB513 River Expansion: Island, New $33
BB514 River Expansion: Bends, New $33
BB515 River Expansion: Fords, New $33
BB533 Extra Large Rocky Hill, New $20
BB564 Bridges, New $25

BBX32 Honey Armoured Troop, New $35
BRAB09 Montys Dersert Rats, New (Two Boxes) $55
GEAB14 Rommel’s Afrika Korps, New $60

XBX07 Gun Nest, New (Two Boxes) $9 each
XSO107 Large Sign, New $13
XSO108 Small Sign, New $4

GE100 Panzerjager I Tank Hunters, NIB $12 ea. (Two Blisters)

GE413 Horch Kfz 15 Staff Car, New $8

GE502 Fallschirmjager GE502 FJ 3.7cm PaK36 Anti-Tank Gun, New $9
GE563 Fallschirmjager 7.5cm GebG36 or 10.5cm LG40 Guns, New, $14 ea, (Two Blisters)
GE590 15cm NW41 Rocket Launcher with Extra 4th Rocket Launcher, New, $17

GE761 Fallschirmjager Company HQ, New, $10
GE763 Fallschirmjager Battleworn Platoon, New $12
GE767 Fallschirmjager Luftlasndsturm Platoons, New, $12 Ea. (Two Blisters)

GBX22 JagdPanther w/Ruined Building, New $17
GBX33 Fallschirmjager 7.5cm PaK40 Anti-Tank Gun Platoon, New $32
GBX43 Fallschirmjager 10.5cm Artillery Battery, New $32

GBX57 Fallschirmjager Assault Gliders, New $28
GSO122 Fallschirmjager Snipers, New $7

Battlefoam Medium Inserts T-72 Tray, (Two) $10 Ea. Used once
Battlefoam Medium Inserts Abrams M1 Tray, New, $10
Battlefoam Medium Inserts Mi-21 Hind Tray, (Two) $10 Ea.
Battlefoam Medium Inserts AH Cobra Tray, $10
Battlefoam Medium Inserts A-10 WartHog Tray, $10
Battlefoam Medium Inserts US Mech Tray (M113/Inf Stands)

TSUAB1 Potecknov's Bears, Box opened, New, Includes Team Yankee Mini Rulebook, $70
TSBX01 T-72 Assembled, Magnets, Primed, Base Coated w/ Tamiya TS-28 Olive Drab 2 (10 Tanks) $6 Ea.
TSBX01 T-72 Assembled, Magnets, Primed, Base Coated w/ FOW TYP291 Soviet Green (5 Tanks) $6 Ea.
TSBX02 BMP-1 or BMP-2 Company, New, $32
TSBX03 Soviet Motor Rifle Company, New, $34
TSBX04 MI-24 Hind Helicopter Company, New $29 ea. (four boxes)
TSBX05 ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Platoon, New (Two boxes) $20. ea.

TY501 Afgantsy Air Assault Battalion, New, $10
TSU726 Team Yankee: Afgantsy Heavy Weapons, New $15

TUS702 US Mech Platoon, New, $14
TUBX02 M163 or M901 ITV Platoon, New, $24 ea. (Two Boxes)
TUBX06 USA A-10 Warthog, New, $32.

X11 M1A1 Abrams Tanks, Assembled, Unprimed, Magnets, $7 ea.
X3 M109 Artillery Battery, Magnets installed, Tracks Installed, Needs completion, $20
X1 Command OP Objective, Primed, $7.
x1 Vietnam (resin) Command M113 APC (Use as FIST) $8
x2 M113 APCs, Magnets, unprimed, $8 ea.

USAB06 Gator’s Amtracks, New, $50

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