H: Asaoif night watch W: $$, 40k, 30k

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H: Asaoif night watch W: $$, 40k, 30k

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Hello! I have a large night watch army I am looking to sell or trade.

Whole army is complete, nothing broken, bare plastic, and comes with current cards. Some units have some magnets on their bases. Basically everything you need for NW.

Night watch starter
Builder crossbowmen
Ranger hunters
Scorpion crew
Builder stone thrower
Hero’s 1
Hero’s 2
Hero’s 3
Attachments 1
Current cards

I am asking 335 shipping (con USA and open to offers)

I am also looking for some certain 40k and 30k kits.

Nib, nos, or well built bare plastic please.

Keeper of secrets
3x rhinos (these must be unassembled)

Ranged leviathan
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