H: Bolt Action, asoiaf, Infinity, WWX, Warmachine, warmaster W: Batman, LOTR, Malifaux, $

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H: Bolt Action, asoiaf, Infinity, WWX, Warmachine, warmaster W: Batman, LOTR, Malifaux, $

Post by hapotte »

Hi Guys, here's what I have to trade or sell. Shipping is not included and I'm shipping from Canada. All listed price are in Canadian Funds. Thank you


Bolt Action 80$
Bolt Action British Paratrooper starter army NIB plus activation dice.

Neutral: (primed) 50$

Stormcrow Mercenaries
Stormcrow Archers
Night Watch: (primed and some painted) 140$
2x Sworn Brothers
2x Ranger Tackers
Jon Snow, Ghost
Jeor Mormont
Bowen Marsh
2x Watch Captain
1x Veteran of the Watch
2x Ranger hunters
Alloster Thorne
donald Noye
Qhorin Halfhand
Othell Yarwyck

Yu-Jing (primed) 20$

Kaelstrom Starter
Pan-O (primed) 20$
Kaelstrom Starter
JSA (some in various states, bought from multiple lot) 200$
1 Saito Togan
1 Daiyokai
1 Ninja
1 Kuroshi Rider
1 Yurilo Oda
3 Keisotsu
1 Keisotsu HMg
1 Keisotsu Hacker
1 Keisotsu ML
1 Yojimbo no koala
3 Domaru
3 Karakuri
1 O-Yoroi no koala
1 O-Yoroi Pilot
1 Oniwaban
2 Tokusetsu (missing doctor arm)
2 Yaozao
1 Neko Oyama
3 Tanko
2 Ryuken Unit 9

WWX: 100$
Fight at the OK Corral starter Set
Wayward Eight Posse
Amber Clad Posse Set
Extra Grey and Special Weapons
Morgan Earp Posse
Infernal Ivestigation Posse

Warmachine 50$
Crucible guard

Dragon's Breath Rocket
2x Trancers
Lukas Di Morray
Aurum Ominus Alyce Marc
2x Liberator

Warmaster armies ask for detail


Batman 3rd Edition
Red Starter Box with Drifter
Batman who Laughs Crew
Two Face Crew
Penguin Bat box
Riddler Bat Box
3rd ed. Court of Owl
Crime Lords and Thugs
Black Mask Crew
Freeze Crew

Lord of the Rings
Maybe others too, let me know what you have

Red Chapel
Honey pot

paypal is also always great :)
info about shipping: Lower ratting pays/ship first and I live in Canada.
thank you
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