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UPDATED W: Orks, Necrons, Ogors, OBR, Skaven H:Xwing malifaux gremlin, Aeldari dice, Orks, Dark Angels TY, FOW, Misc

Post by ChaplinXavier » Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:40 pm

I am looking to trade for the following:

US only!



Also looking for the following:

Man eaters
Frost sabers
1 beastclaw raiders start collecting sets

Sons of Behemat:
Any, prefer new on spure

Ossiach Bone reapers:

Arch Kavalos Zandtos
Gothizzar Harvester
soul reaper
Archon the Black
Immortus Guard


Looks for figures from anything other than Indomitus. Prefer on sprue. will consider, bare unpainted if assembled well.
current sculpts only.

Necron codex and cards

Orks prefer on sprue



Rukkatruck squigbuggy x2
Boomdakka snazzwagon x3
Boosta blasta x1
Shock jump dragsta x1

Supa kannons -3

Star wars Destiny.
Let me know what you have. , but mostly would like to trade for stuff from legacies and newer
sealed booster boxes would be great

I have the following for sale or trade: US ONLY PLEASE

X-Wing-will not break up, trade only. will consider and current AoS army or 40k army in trade.

I have all the ships you could buy up until 2.0. to include epics I bought the 3 upgrade kits.

I have 2 of most ships (not including epics.)

I do not have a list, but I can send pics

Gremlins. No edition no cards. Assembled, some have a little paint.
A few old 1st edition fate decks, some misc 2nd edition fate decks, I think plastic. I think one is called bad ink?


Dark angels (not primaris).

Some painted, some primed some bare.
3 tac squads
24 bikes
25 terminators (various shooing weapons)
LE Chaplin
3 lanspeeders
1 knight (missing a shoulder pad)
1 land Raider. Needs some tlc, missing a couple hatches

Aspect warrior dice, sealed. One of each set. $25 EACH shipped (will trade for $25 each as well.)

all on sprue

1 ork battlewagons
1 pain boy
30 boys

WOTC AT-AT in box. Has shelf wear, $200 shipped or trade for $250

Team Yankee/Flames of war. Trade only

Soviets-on sprues (some sprues were cut to fit in shipping box, but model parts are one sprues) prefer to keep as a lot.

21 T72
5 T64
8 Hinds

1 box Hail rocket launchers

Flames of war:

5 m4 Sherman on sprue
Rifle company box mid war
Fortress Europe card set
D day American cards

2 ruined buildings by Novus design. in package.

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