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W: 40k, Paypal H: Wyrd, Priv.Press, Infinity, WoK, AoS

Post by ranzin » Wed Aug 14, 2019 1:03 am

Wanting to cut down on the vast number of models I have laying around. I would prefer to sell as lots, but some are large so willing to work. I would like to trade first but willing to sell. Buyer pays shipping. My wants are first, then my list of stuff I have. Retail prices are listed for trade value, make an offer if you want to buy anything. Will trade heavy in your favor if you have stuff on my wants list, and will provide pictures on request, just message me an email. Thanks for looking

40k (most anything but these are my top interests)

Necrons- No named characters EXCEPT Illuminor Szeras
Primaris Space Marines
Dark Eldar (homoculus army)
Tyranids (anything but termegaunts.)
Chaos Marines/ Chaos Demons (specifically Slaneesh and demonic vehicles)
Adeptus Mechanicus
Astra Militarum-
5x Leman Russ (prefer executioner/punisher kits)
5x Valkyries (preferred not painted but will look at offers)

Things I have


Bound by law (painted) $50
Dark Debt (painted) $40
Hide and Seek (painted) $50
Master of Puppets (painted) $50
Mother of Monsters (painted) $45
No Shelter Here (Painted) $45
The Depleted box (painted) $21
Insidious Madness (painted) $24
Nephilim box (painted) $40
Mature & 1 Young Nephilim (painted) $20
Nekima (org. painted) $25
2 Stitched togethers (metal, painted) $20
Wicked Dolls box (painted) $18
Beckoners (painted) $16
Black Blood Shamans (painted) $18
Doppleganger (painted) $11
Iggy (painted) $11
Mr. Graves (painted) $11
Mr. Tannen (painted) $11
Mysterious Effigy (painted) $11
Primordial Magic (painted) $11
2x Teddy (painted) $18x2 ($36)
1st ed. Teddy (metal, painted) $15
Nightmare Teddy (painted) $15
2x Mrs. Ery Teddy (painted) $50x2 ($100)
Teddies (made from evil baby orphanage teddies, painted) $15
Widow Weaver (painted) $11
Changelings (painted) $21
Corrupted hounds (painted) $24
Bunraku (painted) $21
Bandersnatch (painted) $18
Retail: $834, Lot Shipped: $410

Bayou Boss (Som’er, painted) $45
Explosive Solutions (Wong, painted) $45
The Kin (Ophelia, painted) $45
Swamp Hag (Zoraida, painted) $45
Pigapult (painted) $30
LE Bayou Gremlin (painted) $10
McTavish (painted) $18
War Rabbit (painted) $75
Rooster Riders (painted) $35
The Sow (painted) $15
Bert Jebsen (painted) $11
Hog whisperer (painted) $16
Slop Haulers (painted) $16
Retail: $406, shipped: $200

SE Guard Segeant (assembled) $50
SE Witchling Handler (assembled) $10
Retail: $60, Lot Shipped: $35

Body of Evidence (McMourning, assembled, 1 nurse painted) $45
Open Graves (Nicodem, assembled) $45
Canine Remains (metal, assembled) $18
Crooked Men (assembled) $21
Mindless Zombie (assembled) $35
Rogue Necromancy (assembled) $35
Clear Red Bete Noire (assembled) $50
Carrion Effigy (Painted) $11
He-Kome (NIB) $16
SE Rafkin (assembled) $50
SE Nicodem (Assembled) $50
SE Dr. Dufresne (Assembled) $50
Retail: $426, Lot Shipped: $210

Hodgepodge Effigy (painted) $11
Killjoy (primed) $18
Soomer Teeth (painted) $10
Broken Promises upgrade cards $15
Twisted Alternative (tortoise primed, hare painted) $40
Miss Terious (Primed) $75
Vintage Sonnia (Assembled) $50
Vintage Misaki (assembled) $50
SE Johana (primed) $50
Miss Step (assembled) $50
Miss Ery (painted) $50
Miss Anne Thrope (primed) $50
Miss Fire (Primed) $50
Starter box guild & neverborn models (painted) $20
SE pin doll
SE Jack
Arcane Effigy (painted) $11
Retail $550, Lot Shipped $220

Privateer Press
Circle of Orb.

Baldur 1 $10
Grayle $14
Kaya 1 (Variant) $13
Moshar $10
2x Argus $15x2 ($30)
Skinwalker Unit $45
Retail: $122, Lot Shipped $70


Starter Pack (3x Fusiliers, orc, nisse, akal, bare assembled, few small pieces missing I think) 40
Father knight (icestorm, bare assembled) 10
RetailL $50, Lot Shipped: $30

Mercs & Misc
Authorized bounty hunter (CR) 9
Leila Sharif, Husam Op. (MP 6) 12

Games Workshop

11 leadbelchers (2 units with command) $165
Tyrant (2 hand weapons) $61
Bruiser Standard Bearer (custom made) $20
Ninja Maneater $41
Executioner Maneater $61
Retail: $348 Lot Shipped: $175

Gitz (will only sell or trade as full lot)
Endless Spells (all but spiders painted) $35
Mangler Squig (painted with loonboss, have other rider and intended to magnetize) $80
80 shoots (2 units of 40, with champ, gong, and both banners, also homemade netters) $140
60 Stabbs (1 unit of 60, champ, gong, both banners and max netters homemade) $105
10 spider riders with command $35
10 squig hoppers $50
10 boingrot bounderz (painted) $50
Looncurse grot boss on giant squig $30
FW loonboss on giant squig $30
2 shaman and 1 leader from battle from skull pass $15
2 old metal shaman $15
Aleguzzler Gargant $65
Battletome $40
Squig Dice $30
Retail: $730, Shipped $380

Wrath of kings
House Goritsi

2x starter packs $140
Lord hob $8
Dragonslayer $8
Duke Anton $10
Retail: $166, Lot Shipped: $80

Shael Han
Fulung $35
2x Starter box $140
Character box 1 $25
2x iron lotus $70
Retail: $270, Lot Shipped: $135

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