H: Shadespire Farmers Guild(GB) W: ASoIF or $$$

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H: Shadespire Farmers Guild(GB) W: ASoIF or $$$

Post by Hughcares » Fri Mar 15, 2019 4:39 am

Farmers Guild NIB
Farmers Guild Tokens Muse on Minis NIB
Shadespire: all factions and cards and starter
Shadespire base starter: tokens, die, boards
All neutral cards
All faction cards from Shadespire(no Underworlds stuff)
All factions: Orks black primed, Steelheart painted, Skaven/Undead/Dwarfs put together, Malgore/Farstriders on sprue.

Another Shadespire Starter NIB

A Song of Ice and Fire Starks

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