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Monopod Games 3D Printing & Designs

Post by scorchedearth » Wed Jul 08, 2020 8:10 pm

I am very happy to now be in the ranks of Bartertown advertisers. Since diving into wargaming 3 years ago, I found my wallet dwindling in size (a common trend among wargamers). Whatever it was, I had to have it. Napoleonics, ACW, WWII, WWI, GW, zombies, zulus. I began to wonder as I looked at my bank account whether I should have taken up smoking crack instead of this new hobby of mine. Well, I like to think that there is a solution for any problem.

I bought my first 3D printer (a tevo tornado) for $375. Completely naive to the intricacies of the 3D printing world, I jumped right it. I immediately downloaded and began printing an m5a1 Stuart in 1/100th scale. 2.5 hours later and I was presented with a cobweb tank. It looked like it had been made by a drunken spider. It took a day or two of reading forums, watching videos and some encouragement from fellow wargamers. And on day 3, I was printing tanks and vehicles with great detail.

There are a million things that can go wrong while 3D printing. It's been 2 years since I bought my first printer and I now have 10 printers all together. Whether it be hardware or software issues, I find myself encountering new problems all the time. I promise you though, it is worth it!

Even with all of that, I want you to know that 3D printing is NOT that hard. Every day it becomes easier. There are Facebook communities with printing people from around the world. People are eager to help you out no matter how stupid the question. I personally am willing to help you out. Here on my new Bartertown forum space, I will walk you through the beginner steps. Before too long, I hope to hold FREE online live classes.

There are hundreds of thousands of designs out there. Historical, sci-fi, modern, naval, buildings and scenery of all types. The list is endless. My website ( ) is slowly building its inventory.

Now, I have noticed some bitterness on the topic of 3D printing for wargaming. People have flat out told me that it will destroy the hobby. I wholeheartedly disagree with this sentiment. 3D printing has made wargaming available to many without the financial means to fuel their hobby. It has allowed seasoned wargamers to build there own scenarios. And for some, 3D printing has given them the opportunity to build their own game right from home. If you want to sum up 3d printing for wargaming in a sentence, you can say it is adding new members to the community everyday and is turning imagination into reality... Yes. If you can think it, you can print it.

Wargaming companies WILL adapt to the times just like all other businesses. Mark my words, even GW will be selling 3D designs for home printing in the next 5 years. Furthermore, I believe most households in the US will have 3D printers in the next 10 years. So get with the times and start printing.

If that is not motivation enough to buy yourself a 3D printer, you can contact me here on Bartertown or on my website. I'll work with you one on one and print whatever it is you need.

Monopod Games offers 3d printing solutions to gamer's around the world. Tell us what you want printed and we will make it happen. Any scale, terrain or models. We'll do our best to accommodate you for a fraction of what you would normally pay. Wargaming is what we do. We understand the precise needs of our customers. We are set on building products to your needs. Contact us and let us know what you're looking for.

Thank you for reading and happy printing!

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