I pay cash (paypal) for Warhammer, 40k, and other Games!

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I pay cash (paypal) for Warhammer, 40k, and other Games!

Post by Trader A » Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:44 pm

Hey there Bartertown! Long time user, now advertiser on Bartertown!

I am a purchaser of lots of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k (and sometimes other gaming systems). I pay cash for your games and resell them on eBay. If you are looking to get out of your collection and want to move on then you might give me a holler!

Who is this guy?
My name is Aaron Albert and I am pretty involved in the 40k community. I am a writer for Frontline Gaming, writing a weekly article on many different gaming topics. I am also the lead TO of the Guardian Cup in Portland Oregon, a mid-sized GT. This year I am also the HOG (Head of Gaming) for Ordo Fanaticus' OFCC, a large team even held every year in the Pacific Northwest. Lately, I have expanded my eBay business and have gone pretty much exclusively to buying and selling Warhammer and other gaming related merchandise.

How does it work?
You send me a list of items with their condition and hopefully some pictures and I send you a quote of how much I will pay for it. Pretty simple really. Then you mail it or get it to me, I verify the contents, and send payment. I have completed many successful sales this way and my feedback can be found on my site - http://www.trader-a.com/feedback. I typically pay between 40%-45% of the current value (not retail) price. This works out so that you get cash, get cash for my hard work, and eBay takes their cut as well.

Why should I go with you?
Because I'm fast and easy that's why! Don't want to wait for your army to sell and want cash fast? Don't want to haggle and answer countless emails of how low will you go? Then I'm your guy. Yes, you will get less than if you sell it yourself but then again I take everything, no questions asked and give you money quickly. I've had some trades go in as quick as 4 days from contact to payment.

If you are looking to get out or move onto something different and don't want the hassle of selling it yourself then give me a shout. - captainaka@hotmail.com

I buy Warhammer and 40k! I pay cash!

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