H: Trollbloods, Retribution, Farrow, Bolt Action W: Conquest 100K, 40K Sisters, Harlequins

Find ALL the inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms here! This thread is for non-collectable Privateer Press games (Warmachine & Hordes). You may post MINIS for the IK RPG here, as well.

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H: Trollbloods, Retribution, Farrow, Bolt Action W: Conquest 100K, 40K Sisters, Harlequins

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Getting rid of games I no longer play. Check out my want list below:

Conquest LAOK:
Tempered steel shaper (NIB)
Hold Raegh (unassembled)
Hold warriors/ballistae (NIB)
Fireforged (NIB)
Hold Thanes/Dragonslayers (NOS)
Dweghom support pack (only have the cards; no box or acrylic wound tracker)

Battle tech all models are bare plastic with cards):
Clan heavy (no box only 4 mechs with alpha strike cards)
Mad dog
Ice ferret

Clan command star (no box mechs only with alpha strike cards)
Dire wolf
Mist lynx
Shadow cat

Clan invasion (no box with alpha strike cards)
Timber wolf

Clan invasion box (unopened)
Striker Star box
Heavy battle Star box
Ad hoc star box
Support Star box

Privateer press:
Dr. Arkadius (unassembled)
Lord Carver
1 x farrow brigands warlord (assembled bare)
10 x farrow brigands (assembled new plastic editions)
6 x farrow slaughterhousers (unassembled)
1 x Targ (unassembled)
2 x razorboars (assembled bare)
1 x gun boar (needs TLC)
1 x splatter boar (assembled bare)
1 x roadhog (assembled needs TLC)
2 x warhogs (assembled bare plastic)
1 x warhog (assembled primed black metal)

Garryth (assembled painted well)
Magister helynna (assembled bare)

Deamon (assembled bare)
2 x Phoenix (1 painted table top, 1 x assembled bare)
2 x Manticore (1 x assembled bare 1 x unassembled)

Shyeel magister (painted well)
2 x mage assassins (assembled 1 primed white, 1 painted well)

Retribution faction dice

Trollbloods (some plastic some metal mixed minis)
Trollkin long riders (assembled some paint need TLC missing shields)
Runeshapers (assembled painted tabletop)
Trollkin warders (assembled bare)
Northkin fire eaters (assembled bare)
Sons of brag (assembled bare)
Trollkin champions (assembled bare)

Warbeasts/Gargantuan :
Diretroll mauler
Glacier King (assembled bare)
Mountain King (unassembled)

Fellcaller hero (assembled primed black)
Fen blade kithkar (assembled bare)
Trollkin champion hero (assembled bare)

Trollblood faction tokens (muse on minis)

Legendary series:
Totem huntress (nib)

Privateer press minicrate models (all new unassembled with collectors card ,)
Lil fenris
Midwinter nights dream
Raggedy mandy
Harlequin versch
Disco inferno
Kara the Sloan ranger
Eiryss angel of vengeance
Totem huntress
Admiral carver
Farrow brigand war Valkyrie
Asphyxious the undamned

Eden miniatures:
Matriachy starter ( unassembled )
Sister Maelys (NIB)

Bolt Action:
Soviet winter starter

I’m interested in any of the following items for :
Conquest: LAOK
100 kingdoms: looking for anything just starting army
Dwegham: hellbringer drake, magic retinue , Mnemancer apprentice, founders exclusive the mountain , flamecaster

Shadowlands daredevil/Electra box
Nick Fury / shield box
Thanos box
Hulk buster/iron man box
Doctor strange/clea
Doctor voodoo/the hood
Mordo /ancient one

Adeptus Mechanicus: Serberys Raiders, any Archeaopters , electropriests, Cawl and Scorpius
Harlequins : any just starting
Death korp of krieg: any just starting
Sisters of battle: anything from current line

Space Hulk : any of the editions. Must be complete

Battle fleet Gothic: anything just starting

Inquisitor: rulebook and miniatures (54mm miniatures game)

Warzone resurrection:
Imperials, Cybertronics, dark legion

Mutant chronicles siege of the citadel: latest edition

Chronopia: need rules and minis just starting

Let me know if interested in any items. lower rating ships first. If purchasing, items are shipped after payment has been received. I ship priority so items will arrive as quickly as possible
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