H: Circle W: AoS Maggotkin, Sylvanith or $

Find ALL the inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms here! This thread is for non-collectable Privateer Press games (Warmachine & Hordes). You may post MINIS for the IK RPG here, as well.

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H: Circle W: AoS Maggotkin, Sylvanith or $

Post by zephireast » Thu Mar 14, 2019 8:50 pm

Selling my entire Circle Orboros Army. $250 for the whole lot. A large portion is painted. I will trade or sell parts of the lot.

Warlocks: Kaya, Epic Kaya & Laris, Kruegar, Epic Krugar, Baldur, Epic Baldur, Grayle, Morvahna, Mohsar, Kromac, Tanith

Heavy Warbeasts: 3x Warpwolves, 2x Warpwolf Stalkers, 1x Pureblood Warpwolf, Ghetorix, 2x Wold Warden, Wold Guardian, Megalith, Riphorn Satry, Gnarlhorn Satyr

Light Warbeasts: 3x Argus, 3x Gorax, 1x Winter Argus, 2x Wold Watcher, 1x Wold Wyrd, 1x Scarsfell Griffon, 1x Rotterhorn Griffon

Units: 10x Wolves of Orboros +Unit Attachment, 6x Reeves of Orboros, 6x Tharn Ravagers + Shaman and Chieftan, 10x Tharn Bloodtrackers +Nuala, 6x Druids of Oroboros +Unit Attachment, 5x Tharn Wolf Riders, Druid Stoneward and Wold Stalkers, 2 Sentry Stones +6 Mannikin, 3x Shifting Stones +Stone Keeper, 5x Warpborn Skinwalkers +Warpborn Alpha

Solos: 1x Blackclad Wayfarer, 1x Lord of Feasts, 1x Druid Wilder, 2x Gallows Groves, 1x Tharn Ravager Whitemane, 2x Warwolves, Wolf Lord Morraig

Minions: 1x Totem Hunter, 4x Farrow Bone Grinders, 2x Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew, 1x Feralgeist

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Re: H: Circle W: AoS Maggotkin, Sylvanith or $

Post by Tattootwitch » Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:20 am

What would you like in trade?

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