H: Cryx, Cygnar, CoC, khador, Mercs, Trolls, Legion & GB alchemists W:$$

Find ALL the inhabitants of the Iron Kingdoms here! This thread is for non-collectable Privateer Press games (Warmachine & Hordes). You may post MINIS for the IK RPG here, as well.

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H: Cryx, Cygnar, CoC, khador, Mercs, Trolls, Legion & GB alchemists W:$$

Post by thebluegeneral » Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:25 pm

I have Cryx, Cygnar, Convergence, Khador, Mercs, Trolls, Legion and Guildball alchemists. I am looking for $$.
The lot prices are marked below. If you would like to buy models individually it is 50% off the retail price. Buyer pays first and pays for shipping. This is through PayPal and in the U.S. only.
All models are assembled, unless marked

(BM-Bare Metal, PR-Primed, PA-Painted, NIB-New in Box)


Goreshade the Bastartd & Deathwalker 19.99
Goreshade Lord of Ruin 44.99 PA
Lord Terminus 49.99 PA
Scaverous 39.99 PA
Sturgis the corrupted 15.99 PA

Desecrator/Harrower/Leviathan 34.99 PA (Magnetized)
Erebus 44.99 PA (Original Sculpt)
Hell Diver PA 13.99
Leviathan PA 34.99 (Metal)
Malice 44.99 PA
Nightwretch Bonejacks (2) 19.99 PA
Ripjaw Bonejacks (2) 19.99 PA
Seether 29.99 PA (Metal)
Seether 29.99 PA (Metal)
Slayer 34.99 PA
Slayer 34.99 PA

Battle Engine
Wraith Engine 84.99 PA

Bane Lord Tartarus 16.99 PA
Darragh Wrathe 29.99 PA
Iron Lich Overseer 17.99 PA
Iron Lich Overseer 17.99 PA
Necrotech (2) 12.99 PA
Pistol Wraith 11.99 PA
Pistol Wraith 11.99 PA
Satyxis Raider Captain 9.99 PA

Units & Command Attachments
Bile thralls (Min) 29.99 PA
Bile thralls (Min) 29.99 PA
Blackbane Ghost Raiders MAX 59.99 (14 man unit) PA
Cephalyx Mind Slaver & Drudges Min 29.99 PA
Cephalyx Overlords 21.99 PA (Partially assembled)

Cryx Misc
Satyxis modded 9.99 PA
Soul hunter 12.99 PA

Cryx lot Price 330


Battle Box 39.99
Kryssa PA (Some paint)
Nephilim Bolt thrower Unassembled BM
Neraph PA
Shredder PA
Shredder PA

Absylonia Daughter of Everblight 24.99 PR
Absylonia, Terror of Everblight 11.99 PA
Bethayne Voice of Everblight 34.99 PR (Missing Bethayne meld chest plate for belphagor)
Kallus Wrath of Everblight 14.99 BM
Lylyth Herald of Everblight 11.99 PR
Lylyth Shadow of Everblight 14.99 BM
Rhyas Sigil of Everblight 9.99 PR
Rhyas Sigil of Everblight 9.99 PA
Saeryn Omen of Everblight 9.99 PR
Thagrosh1 Painting sculpt 25.99 PA
Thagrosh the messiah 44.99 PR
Vayl Consul of Everblight 15.99 BM
Vayl Disciple of Everblight 10.99 PR

Afflictor 14.99 PR
Archangel 134.99 PA (Missing claw on wing)
Angelius 29.99 PR
Angelius 29.99 BM
Angelius 29.99 BM
Carnivean 34.99 PA (Metal)
Carnivean 34.99 PR (Metal)
Carnivean 34.99 PR (Metal)
Harrier (1) 7.99 PA
Harrier (2) 15.99 BM (Partially Assembled)
Nephilim Bloodseer 18.99 PR
Nephilim Bolt Thrower 18.99 PR
Nephilim Bolt Thrower 18.99 PA
Nephilim Soldier 18.99 PR (Partially assembled)
Proteus 64.99 BM (Unassembled)
Raek 19.99 PR
Ravagore 34.99 BM
Ravagore 34.99 PA (Missing fire ball)
Scythean 34.99 PA
Scythean 34.99 PR
Seraph 34.99 PA
Seraph 19.99 PR (Old sculpt)
Seraph 19.99 PR (Old sculpt)
Shredders (4) 14.99 BM (Metal)
Shredders (4) 14.99 PR
Shredders (2) 7.49 PR
Stinger (2) 12.99 BM
Teraph 19.99 BM (Unassembled)
Typhon 49.99 BM

Units/Command Attachments
Blackfrost shard 26.99 PR
Blighted Nyss Raptors 89.99 PA
Blighted Nyss Swordsmen 49.99 BM
Blighted Nyss Swordsmen Abbot & Champion 14.99 PR
Blighted Ogrun Warmongers 64.99 PR
Blighted Ogrun Warspears 44.99 BM
Warspear Chieftain 18.99 BM
Blighted Ogrun Warspears 44.99 BM
Warspear Chieftain 18.99 BM
Grotesque Raiders 59.99 BM (Resin, missing 1 wing)
Ice Witches 24.99 BM (partially assembled)
Spawning Vessel 34.99 PR
Strider Blightblades 34.99 BM
Strider Rangers 34.99 PR
Strider Officer & Musician 18.99 PR
Strider Rangers 34.99 BM (Partially assembled, missing bow arm)
Strider Officer & Musician 18.99 BM (Partially assembled missing arm)

Anyssa Ryvaal 24.99 BM
Beast Mistress 12.99 BM
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 9.99 PR
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 9.99 PR (Partially assembled)
Blighted Nyss Shepherd 9.99 PA
Blighted Nyss Sorceress & Hellion 22.99 BM
Forsaken 7.99 PR
Fyanna the Lash 12.99 PR
Grotesque Assassin 19.99 BM
Grotesque Assassin 19.99 BM (Unassembled)
Incubi (5) 29.99 PA (missing 4 small Nysa arms)
Incubi (5) 29.99 NIB
Incubi (5) 29.99 BM (Unassembled)
Spell Martyrs (3) 12.99 PR
Strider Deathstalker 11.99 BM
Strider Deathstalker 11.99 BM
Warmonger War chief 16.99 PA

Legion Lot Price 800

Gorten Grundback 10.99 PA (Partially assembled)
Herne & Jonne 22.99 PA
Harlan Versh 9.99 PA
Tactical arcanist corps 29.99 BM

Merc lot 15


Captain Jeremiah Kraye 25.99 PA
Captain Kara Sloan 11.99 PA
Captain Victoria Haley 7.99 PA
Commander Coleman Stryker 14.99 BM (metal)
Constance Blaize 14.99 PA
General Adept Nemo 15.99 PA
Lord Commander Stryker 19.99 BM (Partially assembled)
Major Victoria Haley 17.99 PA


Avenger 34.99 BM
Cyclone 34.99 BM
Cyclone 34.99 PA
Defender 34.99 BM
Firefly 18.99 BM
Firefly 18.99 BM (Missing spear tip)
Gallant 49.99 PA (Metal)
Ironclad 34.99 PA (Metal)
Lancer 18.99 PA
Stormwall & Lightning Pods 109.99 PA

Squire 9.99 PA
Stormsmith Stormcallers (3) 17.99 PA
Stormsmith Storm callers (3) 17.99 PR (Modded)

Arcane Tempest Gun mages 34.99 PR
Arcane Tempest Gun mage officer 7.99 PR
Black 13th Strike force 16.99 PA
Field mechanics 24.99 PA

Cygnar lot price 230

Convergence of cyriss

Aurora 16.99 PA (Slight modified)
Axis 27.99 PA
Father Lucant 24.99 PA
Forge master Syntherion 19.99 PA (Resin)
Iron Mother Directrix PA

Cipher/Inverter/Monitor kit magnetized 34.99 PA
Cipher 34.99 PA
Corollary 16.99 PA
Diffuser 18.99PA
Galvanizer 18.99 PA
Inverter 34.99 PA
Mitigator 18.99 PA
Monitor 34.99 PA
Prime Axiom 109.99 PA

Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex 12.99 PA
Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex 12.99 PA
Enigma Foundry 34.99 PA
Enigma Foundry 34.99 PA

Obstructors 49.99 PA (modified)
Optifex Directive 16.99 PA (modified)
Optifex Directive 16.99 PA (modified)
Reductors 49.99 PA (modified)
Transverse Enumerator 11.99 Pa (modified)
Transverse Enumerator 11.99 Pa (modified)

Convergence lot price 230


Battle box 39.99
(Sorcha1 PR, Destroyer PA, Juggernaut PA)

Irusk1 PR 11.99
Sorcha2 PR 10.99

Destroyer PA 34.99
Juggernaut BM 34.99
Juggernaut BM 34.99
Spriggian BM 34.99

Great bears BM 37.99
Man of war shock troopers 1PA, 4PR 44.99
Widowmakers BM 19.99
Winterguard with 3 rocketeers BM 49.99
Winterguard command attachment BM 12.99

Andrei1 BM 14.99
Kovnik Joe BM 10.99
Man hunter PR 9.99
Man hunter PA 8.99 (variant)
Yuri PR 14.99
Wardog PA 9.99

Bombshell bombardier BM 19.99

Khador lot total 230


Original Troll Battle Box 49.99 NIB
(Madrak1, Troll Axer, Troll Impaler, Troll Impaler)

Borka Kegslayer & Keg Carrier 27.99 PR
Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller 11.99 PA (Original Sculpt)
Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the kriels 16.99 PR
Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia 17.99 BM (partially assembled)
Jarl Skuld 17.99 BM (Partially assembled)

Dire troll Mauler 34.99 PA (Resin)
Mulg the ancient 59.99 PA
Rok Upgrade kit 9.99 BM (unassembled)
Storm Troll 23.99 PR

Fell Caller Hero 13.99 PA
Stone Scribe Chronicler 15.99 BM
Trollkin Runebearer 12.99 PA

Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes 54.99 PR
Stone Scribe Elder 16.99 PR
Pyg Burrowers 44.99 PA
Trollkin Champions 44.99 PR (partially assembled)
Skaldi Bonehammer 18.99 PR
Trollkin Warders 44.99 PR (partially assembled)
Trollkin Warders 44.99 PR (partially assembled)
Trollkin Sorcerer 24.99 BM (partially assembled)

Troll Minions
Saxton Orrick 9.99 PR
Farrow Slaughterhousers 44.99 PA

Troll lot price 220

Cygnar Two

Cygnar Original Battle Box 49.99 BM
(Stryker1, Lancer, Charge Iron clad)

Artificer general Nemo 21.99 PR
Commander Adept Nemo 11.99 PA
Commander Dalin Sturgis 15.99 BM
Lieutenant Allister Caine 11.99 PR

Avenger 34.99 BM
Thorn 27.99 BM

Arcane Tempest Gun mages 34.99 PR
Arcane Tempest Gun mage officer 7.99 PR
Black 13th Strike force 16.99 BM
Black 13th Strike force 16.99 PR
Stormblade infantry 44.99 BM
Stormguard 49.99 BM

Captain Arlan Strangeways 13.99 BM
Squire 9.99 BM
Squire 9.99 BM

Cygnar Two lot price 150

Cryx lot two
Cryx original all in one army box NIB
Denny2, harrower kit, nightwrech (2), bane warriors, bane warriors CA, bane riders, warwitch siren
Cryx army box price 100

Guild Ball
Generic Pitch Mat
Alchemists (metal sculpt)
Starter set PA
Compound PA
Flask PA
Naja PA
Smoke PA
Venin PA
Vitriol PA

Alchemists lot Price 50

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